Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm glad

I was thinking how much I love being a Mom today. I'm feeling really glad that Mark and I had enough faith in ourselves to follow our gut when I decided to quit my job. It was and remains a painful decision, and in a lot of ways I'm still seeking peace over some of the hurt I feel about how things went down. BUT again and again I feel like my life is securely in Gods will and He has me right where He wants me. While I miss being a part of the ministry and I miss the people I worked with, even the ones that ticked me off... I know that the work I'm doing now has an immeasurable value and I would have really missed out on too much if I were still working full time. God has been so faithful to us and has provided. Mark has been able to find side work that he really enjoys doing. And just last week when thigs were looking rough we got 2 checks in the mail, one a rebate from overpaying a bill over a year ago. It just reminded me that God knows what he is doing and all things are in his timing. I'm so blessed!