Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random Pictures

Cutie Hannah Bannana!

Malachy with his pals Frank, Seth and Lydia

My super friends Crystal and Jami

a Standoff!

I may have posted this one already...but it is sooo cute! Mark took it a few months ago.
Also to whom it may concern: Malachy got a hair cut yesterday. I miss his cute curls but he is still super adorable and way to old to be my little baby! He says he's a BIIIIGGG Boy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Malachy and Mark

Mark and Malachy started work on a garden this week. It looks like it is too early to plant the seeds we bought. So they got the dirt ready and found a couple worms! Malachy loved it! =)

Look at Malachys beautiful hair! And to think you all want me to cut it! (except Crystal)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Day off and Poor Kimmy

So I took today off to recover from last week. I was originaly going to take off Wednesday but then I moved it to Thursday because Sandy wanted to take Thursday off and that way we could have our Easter meeting on Wednesday. Well then Mark decided he would go help with a video shoot off site on Thursday which meant I had to get Malachy to Promisetowne and couldn't take Thursday off. So here I am taking Friday off. This morning was a little rough because I had to help Mark get Malachy ready to go and he was unusally sad the poor little guy!

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do about poor little Kimmy! She has been really ill for nearly 2 whole weeks now! Running a fever on and off the whole time and coughing severely. She had hoped to have a job and helth insurance by now but things just have not worked out as planned. Which is probably for the best seeing as she is too sick to work anyways. So we took her to our Doctors on Monday. He said it looked like Bronchitas and perscribed a not so cheap antibiotic. But we figured it is worth it, we gotta get Kim feeling bettter! The Doctor said if she didn't feel better by Wednesday to give him a call. So she called back Thursday morning when it was evident she was not improving at all! We hadn't heard back from them by this morning (Friday) so I gave the office a call and they told me that they had called in a new antibiotic to our local CVS. Well CVS dosen't have it. So I call the Doctors and they swear they called it in... back to CVS they still don't have it... Back to the Doctors office, a nurse will try again when they get another free moment...grrrrr! So here I wait to get a call saying it has been called in. Hoping it won't be super exspensive and maybe this will be the thing to get Kim feeling better! We hear her up all night coughing, and she is as thin as a rail! She has barely left her bed/couch in the past 2 weeks. I'm really concerned!

Anyways as soon as this CVS buisness is settled I hope I have some time to just chill! Although I know I should be paying bills and doing laundry!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy 27th Anniversery Mom and Dad

Sooo MUCH going on but nothing to blog about...

Totally random pictures from last summer/fall because I have no new good ones!

So last week was NUTS!! Mark was Tech Director for the Childrens Ministry Conference and I was Stage Manager so we were pulling some crazy long days. Starting at like 5am, YUCK! Kim was going to take Malachy to Promisetowne for us because they don't open until 8am. But then Malachy and Kimmy got major sick. =( So Poor Kimmy had to watch the little guy while they were both sick! Crystal, Mom and Dad helped out watching Malachy too. AND Sandy helped me with a ride. I'm soooo lucky to have such a great support team. Thanks guys!
Unfortunately there has not been any time or energy for baby making lately so it is very unlikely I'm pregnant. Boo hoo hoo. Oh well there is always next month. =) I can't wait to have a new member to our family! I'm getting really excited about it and so is Mark. We are hoping for a girl we would name her Evelyn. In the mean time Sara is having a baby soon so I will have to visit her when little Lee arives and let that hold me over! And she has a shower coming up so I will get to go shopping!
Things are slowing down at work but still busy. We have our Easter and Salvation weekends right around the corner! I'm excited for them because they are both new programs that Sandy has worked really hard on! After that things will slow down some and that is good too!
Beyond that, Mark's Mom is coming too town for Eater so we are looking forward to her visit. I wanted to have the kitchen done by the time she came, but I see now that will not happen. Mark and Kim wanted to tear down the wall paper but I haven't been able to convince either of them to help me wash the glue off the walls yet. Granted, we have been busy and ill around here so it is underststandable that the wall scrubbing task has been put on the back burner! Hopefully we will get to that soon! I can NOT wait to get the kitchen done!
Mark is going to the Dominican Republic next month or the next month I can't recall the dates. I was invited to go but won't be able too. We can't afford for both of us to go and someone has to stay home with Malachy. So that means Mark goes and not me. I'm alittle disapointed but I'm glad for him. I think it means more to him to go. And it would be harder for me to be away from Malachy for that long. However, Mark has done a ton of traveling in the past year and I'm sure he is hoping to go back to Russia this year. So I hope he will remember all of that and I will get a turn soon! =) I would LOVE to go to Irealand....
More locally....I hope I will be able to go to Michigan with Crystal to visit our friends the Vanderkoois for tulip fest! I think that is the end of May or something. I hope it works out, I'm really looking forward to it. Then I want to go to Minnesota to visit my Sister and Brother!
Well that is all for my updates, I better go play with Malachy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm a bad friend to my blog!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! Not that there are people stopping by and disapointed at my lack of posting but I do like to flatter myself and pretend you are out there! =)

Work has been busy and only going to get more busy! The Childrens Ministry Conf. is next week. Mark is TD and I'm stage manager so we will be hard core busy! Then a few weeks later we hit Easter! Mark's Mom is coming to town for Easter which is super exciting. Malachy loves her so much (and so do we). So there are exciting and busy times ahead.

In other news, after a short series of Dr. visists I have been given the green light in the form of a clean bill of health for Mark and I to try and concieve baby number 2. So Mark and I will be busy there as well. I will be sure to keep you posted....well you details or anything.... I just mean if I do end up pregnant I will be shouting it from the roof tops. Demanding shamrock shakes, sleeping in, and taking it easy! =)

I think that is all the updates I have for now...can't wait for summer!! Here is a random photo for you...(or 2)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Welcome KC!!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that my super friend KC started a blog today! Pretty much all of you who read my blog know KC so please take a moment to stop by and welcome her to the blogging world and catch up on her adventures! =)

Click here to go to KC's Blog!