Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dancing for Joy

I have not posted in a while because I have been catching my breath and celebrating the Holidays. =) It has been such a wonderful week. I was really greatful to see Mom's brothers. Famliy means the world to me, and we so rarely see them. It was a time I will always be thankful for. Si and Sally are two of the warmest people I have ever met and I will never forget how cute Johnny was with Malachy.

As great as it was too see Mom's brothers, it is sooo nice to be home. I missed Mark too much! He has made me so proud this year and I love him to pieces. Thanks for being an amazing Husband Mark! You're the best!

We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Kim, Mom, and Dad. They brought the food and we did the dishes. =) It worked out well. We had a really relaxed time. Then Kim, Dad, Mark, Malachy, and I went to see Jason and Dee on Friday and that was great as well. We had some awsome dessert and played a card game called golf. I saw Jason and Dee last month for Malachys birthday party but this was much more relaxed and I really enjoyed just being together. I worked this weekend and it was super easy. =) I also got to see Crystal, go shopping, decorate indoors and out for Christmas and clean my garage this weekend! Wow I have been busy but it has all been good.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Here are some pictures uncle John took the other day. He is a great photographer. =)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Here are some random pictures for ya'll. One of the view from the back of our hotel, one of Malachy's ouchie face, one of Malachy and John's wife Barbara laughing at the bird, one of a pretty leaf, and one of Kim and Malachy in John's yard.

We went to Stone Mountain this evenning and had a good time! =) It was a great day! I would tell you more but I'm tired and I'm going to bed now. =)

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm a bit of a wreck right now. There was some confusion about our hotel and the red roof inn was like 30 mins away from Eatonton. So Mom put us in a hotel closer that is 90 bucks a night! Figuring all that out was kind of stressfull. The hotel we are in, The Lodge, is nice and we are happy to have a home for 4 nights in a row! When we got here Malachy was helping me put the pop from the cooler in the mini fridge. The Pop was wet from the ice. While putting it away Malachy touched the freezer part. I didn't know what was going on he looked upset and started crying and then screaming. I thought he pinched his fingers in the lid or something so I opened it and pulled his hand away. Turned out his little fingers had frozen to the metal. I ripped off skin and all 4 of his fingers have huge white blisters. He kept saying mommy help, kiss it, make it better all while screaming and crying. We tried to calm him down for 20 minutes and nothing worked. He would just shake andrub his hand and then hold it to mmy mouth saying kiss it. So finally we drove him to CVS to get some ointment and the only time he stoped crying for an extended period was because he feel asleep in the car. He's so sad. We are back at the hotel right now and he's sleeping but he keeps waking up and rubbing his fingers on the bed and then crying and falling back asleep. It's awful! This (to me) is the worst thing in the world to have Malachy hurting and not being able to make it better. Normally he gets over things fast but not this. He's really in pain. I don't know what to do. I'm so sad.

We are suppose to get back to Uncle Johns for dinner soon but there is no way I'm waking the little guy up. He is not hurting while he's asleep and I know he will have the blisters for a couple of days but I hope it will feel somewhat better when he wakes up.

The poor little guy has been stuck in the car or hotel or places where he can't touch anything for 4 days now. I need to have a day all for him where he can run around and be 2 without getting in trouble! Mom and her brothers might take a trip to visit one of their other brothers downstate. I'm hoping Kim and I can take that day to do a Malachy fun day and go to Stone Mountain or something speacil just for him. Pray for Malachy, he has asked to go home several times now and he has 6 day left. Everytime we are in the car he asks me if he can go to the playcenter and go play. I feel like the worst Mom ever.

Sorry if this post is a big downer, it's not all gloom and doom. We are finaly here which is great. Uncle Jonny and Barbara are great. They have a beautiful home and yard. They have 2 doggys that Malachy loves. The rain should be behind us and the weekend is suppose to be 70! It is beautiful here the trees still have their fall colors and there are old farms everywhere! So things can only get better here on out! =)

UPDATE: Malachy had a GREAT time with John and Barbara tonight they were so good to him! We got to see Uncle Si, Aunt Sally, and David tonight as well. So it was a good night. I think Mom is really glad to be here. So all is well! I think we are going to Stone Mountain tomorrow and most importantly Malachy is feeling better! =)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

todays adventure...

So at 1 am we awoke to Malachy rolling out of bed and hitting his little face on the ide table on his way down. The bed at the hotel was ridiculously high! Malachy was screaming and streaming blood from his mouth. The nearest hospital was 20 minutes away so we called the paramedics. By the time they arrived Malachy had calmed down a lot and the blood had stoped too. So they said it looked like he cut his inner lip and he would be fine. He has a bruise on his mouth and a bit of a puffy lip but other then that he seemed to have bounced back.

So after getting almost no sleep we ventured out to try and make it to our destination. We didn't. There have been crazy storms here in GA. We were hydroplaining all over the place and the trucks were making it nearly impossible to see. We would drive for 35 minutes and then have too pull over. We did this for like 4 hours and then we decided it wasn't worth it and stoped at a hotel about 30 mins north of Atlanta.

We checked into an econo lodge and got all unpacked and dried off when the phone rang. It was the frot desk and the women next door was complaining that we were too loud! So I went down there and explained to the man at the desk that unpacking wa nothing...jut wait until Malachy wakes up at 12 am and wants a BABA! So I suggested we move and he agreed. Feeling annoyed with the crazy lady we repacked and drug all our stuff to a new room. Upon doing so Mom ran into the lady next door who thanked us for moving and apologized for being so sensitive but her father was just murdered so she was feeling on edge! Yikes!

So we had a bit of a crazy day! It is still rainning. There are flood advisory's and tornado watchs here. Mom and I walked ot the store to get Malachy some milk and we got completely soaked. Kim is out getting us dinner right now and we are staying in.

We are only 2 hours fron our destination and will make it tomorrow! We didn't get to do the lookout mountain stuff because of the rain but we will stop by there on the way home.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pictures for My Mark iee Poos

Here are bunch of random pictures for my little husband. Today we made it all the wy to Chatanooga TN...I guess we are not making good time. That's ok because we are taking it easy and enjoying ourselves. We hoped to go up lookout Mountain today but we were too warn out when we got here. So if it is not pouring in the morning we will do that before we make our way to Georgia.

The pictures are from dinner at Craker Barrel last night, lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville today, a pit stop at a scenic rest area, and a quick swim at the pool here at our hotel. =)

I'm having a good time but Malachy and I still miss you Mark! Only 8 days to go! Mark don't forget to return that stuff at the party store! =) I mis you too Crystal! =)And you too Dad! =)

Monday, November 13, 2006


So we made it to Louiville, KY tonight. Still along way to go. Malachy was pretty good in the car. He got restless at the end and kept saying me go play now but for the most part he was really good. We are at a hotel now and we don't have a ton of toys so he is needing a ton of entertaining which has me alittle cocerned about our energy levels for the rest of the trip. Mark and I try to stop at Malls and Mc Donald play lands when we are in the car alot to give Malachy some run around time. Maybe will try something moreore like that tomorrow. I'm excited for the rest of the trip and hopefully hitting up Lookout Mountain tomorrow! Some prayer request would be for safety (we seriously were run off the road today). Also I'm already feeling really homesick. I'm in the back with Malachy so I'm kind of left out of the conversation up front and when I try to get involved they usully don't hear me. Also not having Mark here is challanging. Mom and Kim are helping some with Malachy but obviously he is my main responsibility and when I ask for help I feel like I'm putting them out. Not neccisarily because of anything they do just because he is a ton of work and we are all tired from being on the road. I just feel alittle alone and lonely without my Markie poo! But I'm sure things will look up in the morning. Much love!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Road Trip...

so Malachy, Mom, Kim, and I are off on a 10 day road trip to Georgia! Wish us luck and pray for our safety and sanity! =) Hopefully we will be able to update you along the way! Mark-ie-poo I will miss you so much. Thanks for being the best husband ever and cleaning the dog poo out of my new shoes! I love you!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Malachy's Birthday

So we had a birthday party for Malachy and Mark last Sunday! It was a really nice time. The Kunzes, Mommo, Poppo, Jason, Dee, Joey, and Lou helped us celebrate. It was a really laid back time. Mostly we just snacked and let the kids run a muck. Malachy got a super big truck from Lou, an adorable outfit from the Kunzes and another one from our pals Sandy and Alan. My parents got Malachy a couple Notre Dame shirts and Jason and Dee got him some great wooden blocks! Lauren and Noah had sent a present on Malachys actual birthday that Malachy has been enjoying for several weeks now. =)

Here are a few pictures....

This is Poppo...aka batman

Here are the boys playing of Marks gifts. =)

This is Mom, Key, and I at the Texan (the next day)

This is the ghetto part of our yard! In between the garage and the fence!

Here is little Malachy opening his presents...with a little help!

Thanks to everyone who helped Mark and Malachy have super Birthday!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Woo Hoo it worked

Daddy and Malachy in the park.

Even Superheros need their Mama!

Malachy and Grandma Stanger

My little Fall Munchkin!

Poppo and Malachy Flying!