Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm sad

Not like an overpowering desperate come to my rescue kind of sad more like a lingering melancholy laying in bed wishing things were better kind of sad

(I don't really have any pictures of me being sad...this was the closest I could find this was taken in the summer of 97 at some worship thing...I was sad )

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We went downtown to the Art Institute today! Mostly we went for Kim because as you all know she is an artist. I'm sure Kim enjoyed it the most because she has a higher appreciation and understanding of art. However, Mark, Malachy, and I had a good time too! Malachy behaved better then any of us expected and that was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed having a new appreciation for the modern American Art. I don't think I had ever played much attention to those galleries before because I spent all my time in the old European and Impressionist art galleries. Monet is ALWAYS fun but it was nice to see something different! It was also fun to see some of the original pieces I had seen in Kim's magazines and books.

After the Art Institute we walked through Millennium Park on the way back to the car. It was a little cold today so we just saw the bean and the fountain. The "bean" was more impressive in person then I had expected it to be. I got some pictures but they really don't do justice to the bazarness of this piece of Art. We were glad to finaly get to see the park. It was good to give Malachy a chance to run around after having him straped in his stroller for several hours! He LOVED chasing pigeons around and squawking after them.

On our way out of the city we visited Emily at Loyola and she seemed to be doing well! =) She was playing a game with her Mama Sue so she didn't talk to us much but we were glad to see her feeling better! Hopefully she will come home tomorrow night!

Reflection of Malachy and Mark exploring the "bean"

Kim and Malachy outside the Art Institute. Malachy loves Lions and loves saying,"ROAR"!

Steph and Mark at Millenium part.

The Bean : Does this picture remind anyone else of Flight of the Navigator?

Kim and Steph in matching jackets

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Emily Update

(This is an E-mail I sent to my Promiseland Friends, I though you all would like to know)

Emily is having her second surgery this Monday at Loyola in Maywood. They need to be there at 5:30 am. for prep stuff. They don't know what time the surgery is to begin but it is expected to be around 5 hours long. As you can imagine sitting in the waiting room while your little girl is in surgery is extremely stressful and scary. Please pray for Crystal and Scott to have peace during the day as well as for Emily to have continued courage and that the surgery would be a success!

Crystal has been great about updating her blog with Info when she has it and I know she is planning on posting about the surgery. If you want to check it out you can click this link

As far as I understand it.... the reason the 2nd surgery is necessary is to help the Radio Active Iodine treatments be more successful. The Thyroid cells absorb the Radio Active Iodine which kills the cancer and that is why this cancer is so treatable. Emily has malignant tumors on the left side and cancerous lymph nodes on the right. These are made up of Thyroid cells so if they don't remove these with surgery they will absorb all the iodine and it will not get to all the smaller cells (like the ones in her lungs). Seeing as this surgery is so close to the previous one and Emily's little neck is still recovering the doctors may not be able to get to the left side in this surgery. The way I understand it is that they will be able to figure that out more once they start the surgery and can see how far her healing has progressed on the left side. Therefore, our prayer is that the Dr's will be able to get ALL the tumors/lymph nodes out in this surgery and not have to have a third surgery! That way Emily will be able to progress with her Iodine treatments and get on the road to recovery sooner!

This is the situation to the best of my non-medical brains understanding. =)

Thanks for all your continued prayers and support!

Ok so all I do is post pictures of my Kid...but...he's the best thing I got going for me!

Squishing your head!

Malachy loves to drive Kimmy's car!

Cool Aunt Lauren got Malachy a Sandbox! He's so lucky to have such a fun Aunt!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Noah stoped by my blog earlier's hoping he comes back! WE love you Noah you were with us all in thoughts and prayer today! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog it made my day...also yesterday I got your thankyou in the mail from the TFT Anti-Monkey Butt stuff I sent last month. That was fun =) Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sad news

Dog Barney had to go back to the Anti-Cruelty Society. Barney had displayed some aggression from the moment we brought him home. This aggression escalated yesterday when Kim and Malachy were trying to eat some chicken nuggets and Barney jumped on the kitchen table and stole them from Malachy's hand! He would not obey Kim's command to get down or stop. He then frightened Malachy and Kim by getting down very low in an attack position and bearing his teeth while growling at them. Barney had bitten all of us at least once at this point (never breaking the skin but hard enough that we knew he could if he wanted too). Luckily Barney started rolling on the ground and growling so Kim managed to sneak her and Malachy out of the room and called my Dad for reinforcement.

While we ALL wanted to give Barney a chance (especially Kim who is strong pet lover) we thought it would be unwise to keep an aggressive dog around our baby and unfair to leave Kim alone with Malachy and the dog when she didn't feel safe. Mark is feeling particularly sad about the loss today. Also, Malachy has gone into the bedroom where Barneys bed was and says "doggy?" it breaks my heart. I had left a message for the behavior specialist at the A.C.S. and I had to hang up before breaking into tears. We are all so disappointed and which Barney the best. I hope sometime in the near future we will be able to find a dog that better suits our family. We are thinking a smaller dog like a min. schnauzer or schipperke. Also please pray that the Anti-Cruelty society would find a home better suited for Barney!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Big news!

Malachy went poo poo in the potty (and pee pee too!) We had bought him a little potty seat about a week ago and let him sit on it a couple times, which he REALLY enjoyed. Today while he was hanging with Ma-me (Kimmy) she noticed him making the poo poo face so she asked him "potty?" and he replied "potty!" so off they went to the potty chair (which sits in the toilet seat) and Malachy made a little poo poo and pee pee! Holy Cow! Kim tried to get him to flush the toilet but he was too distracted by wanting to fish his poo poo out of the toilet. He must have been very proud and impressed with himself. She managed to re-direct his attention by getting him excited about hand washing. I don't want to get too excited because I know that it is VERY rare for a child to be potty trained at 18 months but none the less it's a very exciting day and I must admitt I'm disapointed to have missed it!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our new doggy, Barney!

We got Malachy a dog! His name is Barney and he is a 10 month old beagle! We found Barney at the Anti-Cruelty Society down town. Barney was only $55 compared to the $200-$300 for dogs at the shelters around here! Unfortunately Barney is sick! We broght him home last night and he ate a few dog treats but wouldn't eat any of his food! Since then he still hasn't eaten food and has stoped taking the treats as well! He has also thrown up 5 times! All of which looked like he had eaten a stuffed animal. (fabric and polyester stuffing!) He didn't get one at our house but maybe he did at the shelter!? So the vet from the A.C.S. has asked me to bring him in tomorrow! Lauren has graciously agreed to take us down there. I hope it is nothing too serious.

The dog has been alittle agressive towards Malachy. He seems to be adjusting better today but we have to keep a close eye on them! He's a pretty good dog. He goes in his kennel with out crying and does not bark much at all. He loves affection and to play...he has already torn up his new toy! He is a bit of a ankle biter so we will have to work on that! =)

Please pray for Barneys health as we go to the vet tomorrow! oohhh and for Barney and the cats to adjust to sharing the house!

Barney in his old home.

Barney leaving the A.C.S.

Barney feeling sick, hungry, and tired!

Barney on his new bed in my room!

Our day at the Zoo!

We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo on Monday! It was a beautiful day and tons of fun! Malachy loved it! He really enjoyed the petting zoo part and the ducks! We loved being outside on such a beautiful 70 degrees day!

Check out our fun Pics! You notice there are always more of Mark because I'm the one always taking the pictures!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Our new pretty bathroom!

Mark's Mom got us this picture for our anniversary last year. I think it goes great with the colors in the bathroom now! I found the shelf at target on sale for $5 and I also got the candles on clearance!

These are my favorite curtains. It's a new line at Target. I don't know if you can tell but there is a under layer of green pok-a-dots that match the towels.

Kim and I found this at Home Goods for $19. At first I was afraid there was too much Green but now I REALLY like it! I also found the towels at Home Goods for $5 each!

Here is the look put together!

I want to get a new lighting fixture eventually but for now I'm REALLY happy and glad we got another room done!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mark and I were (are) both sick today with upset tummies. Please pray that we feel better soon. We had some experiences that would have been embarrassing had we not been at home and had changes of clothes and toilets near by. =) Other then that Kim and I worked on the bathroom today. She had taken down the wallpaper while we were in Iowa but it still needed to be spackeled and painted. We painted it today only to realize that not only did the color look awful in the bathroom (it turned out to be more of a dirty turquoise then a fresh green) but also it was a satin finish which showed every imperfection in the wall! So we looked in the basement and found some leftover paint from my bedroom. (a prettier green) Kim started applying that late tonight and we hope to finish tomorrow. We found a real cute curtain at target that will look great with the paint color! I hope to eventualy get a new shower curtain as well! I'm afraid I will have to wait for Mark to approve me spending another $29! I can't wait to have another room in the house done!

Here is a photo of Malachy's build a bear that we got on the way home from Iowa. It's a dog named "doggy" he roars and moos...Malachy's favorite noises! (Malachy also likes to Baa but they didn't have that noise! ) Doggy is a big Cubs fan and he is very pleased with their win today!

In other news we went to the Animal Shelter yesterday in hopes of finding a puppy for Malachy! But they only had big dogs and pitbulls so we decided to wait.