Friday, October 28, 2005

Worst day ever!!

Ok, maybe not THE worst day ever...there have been some pretty bad days lately but this one was realllly bad!

As I said we were going to close today. Originally at 8 am and then last night it got moved to 5 pm. Well, today one hour before our closing at 5, we get a call from our mortgage guy, lloyd, that there was some problems with our old Wikes account. Mark and I were over 90 days late on the account because when we moved we had stoped receiving the bill and when we finally realized what had happened we paid off and closed the account. Well on our credit record it looks bad and is apparently a problem with the loan people! Soooo...why did this come up an hour before our closing and not a month ago when we applied, were approved, and had our credit got me!!

So our closing didn't happen today, now, the new plan is we are going to try to close on Monday afternoon. Lloyd has said he's trying to get an exception made on our account and if he can't then he will have to re-write our loan and we won't close until tues or wed. So you might think post poning the close a few days is no biggie....wrong!!

Mom and Dad have already moved into their apartment and were needing the money from the close to do some things pay the movers. Mark and I still have to be out of our apartment by monday!!! We have Empire carpet coming tomorrow to lay carpet and we were planning on paying them with money from the close. (now we have to put it on credit....yuck!!) And we are all feeling extremely stressed out and on edge!! Especially poor Mom, who has been busy taking care of her 2 best friends this week!! One of them lost their husband this week and the other one has been in the ICU all week!! Mom has been really brave and strong and a huge support to her friends!! I just wish this wasn't as stressfull! Please remember her and all of us in your prayers while we try and figure this out!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Soooo...if you haven't caught on by now...Mark, Malachy, and I are moving!! We are buying the house my parents currently own. My parents decided to move into an apartment in order to simplify their lives and be more flexible if they decide to move to Georgia in the next 2 years. They had decided to move into an apartment around the same time Mark and I had started looking for a new home. Mark and I wanted to move because we have new landlords who have been extremly negletful to our building, we want to start building equity, and we needed more space because we had all decided it would be better if Kim lived with mark and I rather then my parents. Mark and I were having trouble finding a house in our budget that would fit our needs and Mom and dad were feeling daunted by the huge task of fixing up their own home and getting it ready to go on the market. so we thought this would be a win win solution!

After weeks of trying to get the financing settled, the title search, and all the rest...we are finaly set to have the closing on Friday morning! Mark and I couldn't be more excited...especially because we had told our Landlord we would be out of here by the 1st!

Whats next...we have a crazy week ahead of us. We need to finish packing, help my parents pack and move, clean the new place, remove wall paper, spackle, sand, and paint before they lay the new carpet and have all our stuff moved in by monday night! This will be one busy weekend! And of course I have to work this weekend...yikes!

Next weekend will be just exciting! Mark and I are attending a co-workers wedding and then going to Iowa so Marks family can celebrate Mark and Malachys birthdays!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Malachys family B-day party.

Here is the little guys first cake!

Malachy has never been sure what to make of Aunt Lauren! Just Kidding!! He adores his cool Aunt Lauren she spoils him to death! She got him his Dance and Shout Elmo and he loves it!!

This is the little people car Mommo got Malachy. You can see Elmo has fallen in the back much dancing! Malachy loved all his gifts! I got him a cute outfit and Eore! He even got an "out of state" gift from Meghan!! What a lucky boy!

Here he is making a mess of himself eating cake!! He really enjoyed himself and we got to make a mess of Mama and Papa Gerc's kitchen while they were away!

I always forget to flip my pictures!! But here is Malach being the 1 year old king. All though he is not 1 until tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ohhh No!

OK, So Malalchy has been in the WORST mood all day today, screaming and crying and all the rest. And then about 5 minutes ago I hear this very adorable and happy laugh. I look over to see what in the world is going on...and Malachy is standing at the TV cracking up at the Telle Tubbies!! Scary! But I'm glad he's happy!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Emily, Frank, and Madison's birthday party last week!

Crystal said it was taking her too long to download these pictures I had sent her. So I thought I would go ahead and post them so you could all see how cute those darn Kunze kids are!! Crystal is such an amazing Mom to throw her kids such a fun party! Mark, Malachy, and I enjoyed it too (as you saw in my previous post)! It was the perfect fall party complete with a bon-fire and hay-ride! thanks-Crystal!

This is Frank opening the gift Mark and I got him. Mark likes getting pictures of the kids opening our presents...but the kids got many great presents from everyone. This is a Star Wars lego thing.

Here's Emily opening our present the Movie Ella Enchanted! She wantedto know how I knew she wanted it....hello... Crystal is only my bestest bud!

Here is Crystal and Madison. Madison is doing her favorite "I won't look at the camera" pose.

This is the super cute family picture!! Madison is sooo cute!!

Emily and Frank! Emily cracked us up because she had to wear her cool sunglasses even though the sun was almost gone!

It was a fun day!! I hope you all enjoyed the photos!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Laughing boy!

I accidently hit back space and erased this one from the previous post...doh!

Kunze B-day party!

Here our some photos of Malachy being super stud baby at the Kunze B-day Party!! (I have some of the Kunzes too...but I didn't want to post them before Crystal did. So I will send them to her to add to her collection can she can post them!) it was a really fun day! It was great to be outside before it gets tooo cold!

Fall pictures!

Here are some fun fall photos from the past week! I took some really cute ones at the Pumpkin farm with my "real" camera so we will have to wait until I get the fil developed to see those. It was a fun week with malachy!

Here is Malachy at Bathtime! We tried to give him a mohawk!

Here is the little guy being crazy. He gets that look on his face when he is proud of himself for crawling (or walking) super fast!

Here are me and Malachy enjoying our time at the Pumpkin farm! Malachy loved crawling around the Pumpkins and we did bring one home for Haloween pictures!

Here is the family at Emily, Frank, andMadisons b-day party.

Here is the little guy picking out some pumpkins!

Monday, October 10, 2005

feeling better...

It seems everyone is recovering from the past week!! That is a great thing because we all have a ton of work to do! Mom and Dad found a really cute apartment!! We are still working on getting the loan finalized and then the fun will begin. Mark and I still have to get packing and there is lot's of cleaning to do at our apartment as well as Mom and Dads house. I'm really excited as well as overwhelmed!

(poor Mark...he's tring to put Malachy to sleep and the little guy is putting up a big fight!!)

We had a ton of fun this weekend and took a lot of pictures! Hopefully I will get some time to post those on Wednesday! I'm working all day tomorrow!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Kim's still sick!

Poor Kimmy is still sick! She told me every time she tries to eat she get's really nauseas! I say,"oh poor Kimmy what are you eating"...she says," Pizza, Ramen, and waffles"...hmmm I say,"try toast and chicken noodle soup"...silly Kimmy!

Soooo....Mark and I both have to work!! There is no getting out of it for me today (unlike every other day this week)! So looks like a very poopy and grumpy baby Malachy will be accompanying us to work! Won't our teams be thrilled!? Mark normaly would be able to take Saturday off if he needed but he agreed to do some training in Elevate this weekend. When I asked him to take Malachy with him or call in sick he said in a condesending tone,"think about your job and think about my job"...hmmm...I don't know if I like that attitude! Poor Mark still so much to learn as a young married man!

Will make it through the weekend...we always do! After this year we are going to be champion spouses as well as parents!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

To add insult to injury!

As if life wasn't hard enough lately...I went and got sick! Both Kim and I were throwing up all night last night. I hope she is on the mend. I feel better but haven't eating anything beyond a popsicle in the last 24 hours and every time I walk around I get super dizzy and naushish! So I have yet to see if I am better. Yuck!

Thank God for Crystal who is watching Malachy for me today. Mark dosen't want me to be near Malachy but Mark said he couldn't call into work to take care of him. So I was like OK how is this suppose to work...Crystal to the rescue. I have been sleeping from 10-2...nice!

We still have a LOT to do on the selling/buying of the house deal. The appraisor is coming to Mom and Dads tonight and I wish I could have been there to clean and get ready but it just wasn't possible. I haven't even started packing! I don't know how we are going to do it all. I do still have a full time job and a baby. We will figure it out I'm sure, there really isn't an option not to!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Blog needed a new picture!

I didn't have any new pictures of Malachy in the computer butI thought this one was cute! This is Malachy with Grandma Stanger at 3 months!


sorry I haven't posted lately! Life has been more busy then I can handle so blogging is the first thing to go...followed by The Amazing Race and many other great TV show...=( There is a lot of new things going on with our moving and family adventures! I have appreciated everyones prayers and encouragement and am looking forward to the time when life calms down and I can once again keep up with my blog and TV!

I did make time for Gilmore Girls and will be watching Lost tonight! Crystal finaly rented LOST...woo you love it? Believe it or not this season is even stranger! Now we just have to get Noah and Lauren on board!