Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome Home Mama!

So Mom is finaly home after a week in the hospital (5days!). Welcome home Mom! I'm so proud of you for being brave while you were there and for not smoking! You are amazing! Way to go. I'm really glad it's over and now you don't have to worry about it...or at least worry about it as much! Thanks to everyone who prayed, visisted, and sent Mama gifts. I know Malachy, Mark, and I were definietly praying and I wish we had gotten to visit more. You are our favorite Mommo and we love you so much!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007's been a blah sort of day

Im feeling icky today. It seems like my life is a bit out of control. Over 2 months ago when we decided Malachy would start "day Care" on Jan 1st there was a plan as to how things would go...that didn't happen. When we got married I had a plan on when we would buy a house...that didn't happen. About a year ago I made a plans to try and get my licsense...that didn't happen. Over 8 months ago when we decided it was time to have another baby there was a plan as to when to start trying...that didn't happen. A few weeks ago when we did our taxes there was a plan as to how we would use our tax return...that didn't happen.

There are plans of things I need fixed...My teeth! The flooding in the basement. The leaking faucet in the kitchen and bathroom! The 4 cats! The dogs shot's. Marks Malibu. The splintering deck. The kitchen which is missing half it's walpaper now and has no shades on the lights. The carpet we spent thousands of dollars on less then 2 years ago and now smells like cat and dog pee! I'm overwhelmed with things that need fixing and it seems like the list is just growing.

I just feel overwhelmed. I told Mark in the car this morning I feel like there is all this pressure building inside of me and I'm going to explode soon and it's actually really scary. It's a bad time for me to be in need of some encouragement because everyone seems to have their own problems and mine seem petty and inconvienent. Which I'm sure they are. I know my problems pale in comparisson to the rest of the worlds. And I do mean that litteraly not sarcasticly. But they are still weighing me down.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

This is my attempt at being cool with my Photo Shop elements! Ha! I can only figure out how to use my paint brush! =)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Friend Crystal who is almost 30!!! AGHHHHH! =)

Hi favorite Friend! I love you so much! All the biggest moments in my life you have been here for me. Encouraging me and giving me strength! I love you so much. God couldn't have blessed me with a better friend!

Crystal, Scott, and Madison
Crystal and Baby Malachy
Crystal and Emily
The Kunze Family
Me, Mark, Crystal, and Scott

Friday, February 02, 2007

Remember when....I don't =)

This first one is of my cute little Parents! I love it because it looks like a prom picture! awwww...aren't they adorable. I think it is from a Christmas party at Dad's work.
This one is from 1914! It is my Great Grandmother Traynor. (Dad's Grandma) and her daughter Dean. (My Big Aunt Dean) It's a speacil picture because Big Aunt Dean gave it to Mom. Big Aunt Dean has always been so loving and inclusive to Mom and us. she is a very geniune person and she is speacil, like Mommo and Mom! Our lives are enriched by knowing her.
I'm not quite sure who this is the back of the picture said July 43. So I'm assumimng it is Bill or Mike. Dad wasn't born yet...right?
This one is Dad, Betsy, and Tim playing outside. Dad is the older boy.

Again, Dad, Betsy, and Tim living it up.

This one is little Dean, Dad, and Tim at the beach! How cute is little Aunt Dean.

This one is John and Mary and possibly Aunt Ann on vacation.

Here is Dad at School. He is second back in the row second from the right....the nuns loved him! I think Malachy and Noah both inherited a lot of their boys will be boys spirit from Dad. Just yesterday I was telling Mark the story of Noah as a toddler climbing under the table to bite Dad's ankles and laughing histaricly! I can so see Malachy doing that!

Here is Dad and a friend. Noah makes this fake smile face too. =)

And finally here is a School portrait of Dad looking like me in jr. high with a buzz cut. Thanks Dad for giving me the boyish good looks! =)