Friday, January 26, 2007

Thanks for the picture Crystal! It was a fun weekend hanging with you guys!
BTW...It's 10 pm and Malachy is still awake! =) He's keeping me company while Daddy is away...again!

Monday, January 22, 2007

ok, ok...

Sorry for being dramatic. I'm not really super depressed. Just down in the dumps about stupid stuff at work. But that's normal it happens to everyone...I think. I'm lucky to have a job that I love so much and work with amazing people that I also love. This too will pass. Besides I feel like an idiot getting upset about petty crap at work when my favorite Crystal in the whole world is dealing with real problems!!!

Put's thing in perspective! I love you Crystal and I'm amazed by your grace and stength daily. You are my hero. Thanks for being the best!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I must be super depressed...

because I started looking for my old journals this evenning. I have no idea why I look for my old journals when I'm depressed. I must be narcissistic because, in all honesty, my old journals are super depressing. They are from H. S. and the few years immediately following that.

Those were really hard years. I learned so much in that time but I learned it the hard way. I can't believe the person I used to be 10 years ago. Time puts most things in perspective . It gives me hope to know that in 10 years from now I will look back on these days and be in awe of how much I have grown beyond my current stupidity and heartache! Oh...that makes since. Maybe that is why I look for my journals when I'm depressed.

Regardless, I didn't find them but I did find my old scrapbooks.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

America's most innovative churches

Outreach magazine did a story on Americas most innovative churches. The story can be found here.
Here is the list.
1. (Edmond, OK) :: Craig Groeschel
2. Granger Community Church (Granger, IN) :: Mark Beeson
3. North Point Community Church (Alpharetta, GA) :: Andy Stanley
4. Fellowship Church (Grapevine, TX) :: Ed Young Jr.
5. Mosaic Church (City of Industry, CA) :: Erwin McManus
6. Seacoast Church (Mt. Pleasant, SC) :: Greg Surratt
7. Community Christian Church (Naperville, IL) :: Dave Ferguson
8. National Community Church (Washington, DC) :: Mark Batterson
9. Mars Hill Church (Seattle, WA) :: Mark Driscoll
10. New Hope Christian Fellowship (Oahu, HI) :: Wayne Cordero
11. Mars Hill Bible Church (Grandville, MI) :: Rob Bell
12. The Potter’s House (Dallas, TX) :: T.D. Jakes
13. Crossover Church (Tampa, FL) :: Tommy Kyllonen
14. Church of the Open Door (Maple Grove, MN) :: David Johnson
15. Redeemer Presbyterian Church (New York, NY) :: Timothy Keller
16. Healing Place Church (Baton Rouge, LA) :: Dino Rizzo
17. The Journey Church (New York, NY) :: Nelson Searcy
18. Saddleback Church (Lake Forest, CA) :: Rick Warren
19. North Coast Church (Vista, CA) :: Larry Osborn
20. Willow Creek Community Church (South Barrington, IL) :: Bill Hybels
21. Imago Dei Community (Portland, OR) :: Rick McKinley
22. Christ the King Community Church (Mt. Vernon, WA) :: Dave Browning
23. Radiant Church (Surprise, AZ) :: Lee McFarland
24. Living Word Christian Center (Forest Park, IL)
25. The Sanctuary (Santa Clarita, CA)

I like this list because it means that there are at least 19 churches out there getting as much if not more crap then us for thinking "outside the box"! =)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I spranged my ankle, which put me in a pissy mood! I went to the Dr. today which was somewhat discouraging because she encouraged me to stay off it for 5 weeks! I was like um, nope! I have a job and a kid so that won't happen. TThen she said well at least until Monday...still won't happen. Thankfully Kim has been super helpful! =) Dad came over to entertain Malachy last night and Crystal came tonight. Mark will be home the next several evennings. I'm so lucky to have such great people in my life to help me out. I just wish, with the whole taking a day or so off work to rest I could actually clean the house or get something productive done. It's like torture with my OCD to just sit in a messy house! Grrrr...Like they say...whatever dosen't kill you...

I'm feeling super hopefull right now because I have been icing, elevating, compressing, and taking advil and it seems like the swelling has gone down to almost none and the pain is pretty manigable. Maybe I will be back to myself sooner then expected! =) Or maybe it is just some killer Advil!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Day!!!

Sandy and Alan got married last night!! It was amazing! I loved the look of the chapel, I loved their picture montage, their vows, the whole ceremony was great! Sandy was absolutely beautiful!! I even cried! Which is bazar because I have never cried at a wedding before! I must be getting old! I think part of it is I just really love Sandy and Alan...for real!