Monday, December 15, 2008

Im not a big fan of winter but I do enjoy it up until Christmas though. Mark and I have been making the most of every moment we get together and it has been fun! This weekend Mal and Mark played in the snow a ton and even built a snowman. Mal was super happy! We also went down town Elgin to see the lights it was a bit wet and chilly but felt like an adventure. Owen was pretty suprised by the cold, poor little guy! We also got to watch 2 movies as a family! Prince Caspian and Horton hears a Who! Fun! When I was at Moms house Friady night Mark and Mal watched the Gremlins! Still not sure if that was a good idea but Mark seemed to think so. =) Mal did like it, he loves scary movies. And the boys saw Santa! Tomorrow the boys and I are going to bake cookies at Kims with Mom!

We are working hard on our finances. Mark has been working with a woman the church got us in touch with and she has been a great help as far as getting a plan together. There is something comforting knowing that you have someone to give you advice and hold you accountable. It really helps and we feel blessed that she is willing to take the time to serve us in this way.

We are looking forward to going back to Iowa on the 26th. Iowa has become my second home and I really enjoy being there and seeing the family. I also love how much it makes Mark happy.

I think thats it for now. I have coffee brain so its hard to post! Haha!