Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Our Day at Randall Oaks

Malachy really liked the Donkeys...they made funny noises and funny smells....as far as personalitys go the donkeys seemed really friendly...they were my favorite too

The ducks were fun because it was an animal Malachys starting to recognize...I think!

Here I am as a sheep. I have one of Malachy as a llama!

This is the looke he had pretty much the entire time we were in the Zoo part of the park...

Malachy had some toasted bread thing Crystal introduced me to tonight. He wasnt sure if he liked the taste but he knew he liked making a big mess and having something to put in his mouth! Mark has a cute pic of Malachy in a swing at his blog. Its linked on the side if you want to check it out.

My Family

Check out this bad boy...just 1.5 more kids and it will be the all american family!

Kim said this picture was generic and boring, but I like it because it's Classic. Besides, there's nothing boring about Malachy's cute little face!

Super Weekend!

I had a great weekend with Malachy!

Sunday after church..we went to the Memorial day parade. Malachy didn't seem super excited but he did seem very curious. I think he liked the Marching band and the Grey hounds the best! It felt good to be able to show gratitude to the Veterans in the parade. Now that Noah is in the military I have a whole new respect for what those men and their families gave up. I thought of some of the boys that graduated AIT with Noah and were over seas with-in a week! I feel so lucky Noah hasn't had to go yet... I obviously wish he didn't have to go at all. But I'm proud of him, I understand someone has to go and if it's not Noah it would be some other young man. I think regardless of our beliefs on war we can all agree that these men make a huge sacrafice for us and we are forever in debt to them. Thank you to Noah, Joel, Srikant and all the other men in the military who serve us every day!

Then on Monday Mark and I tool Malachy to the Petting Zoo at Randal Oaks Park! That was super fun! I love introducing Malachy to knew things and watching how he reacts. (I didn't let Malachy touch the animals because I'm still a paranoid mother) He liked the goats and the sheep a lot. But it wasn't until we left the petting zoo part and started walking around the park that he really got excited. (He still likes people the best) There was a guy bouncing a soccer ball on his knee and Malachy thought it was hilarious he kept laughing at him it was really cute! Then we put him in the swing and of course he loved it. (thats his favorite thing!) Later we went to the Kunzes for a BBQ where the imfamous pogo competion was held. Check out Scotts blog for further info on that. Kim and I went to see Kicking and Screaming late last night and it was pretty funny!

Todays been NUTTY and not so fun yet! Mark and I spent an hour at Jewel spending more money then we have on grocceries we probably won't eat. Then I spent an hour and a half trying to make room in our tiny apartment kitchen for all the food. After that I fed and played with Malachy for a while and then put him down for a nap... thats where he is now...thank God! The saddest thing is I realized to late I missed my orientation at church! I feel horrible about it! So I'm guessing this will be another week with no scrapbooking. The house is still a mess and I just want to relax on my day off not spend the rest of the day cleaning! Oh well, it was a fun weekend!

Im hoping my cube will be finished this week! When Kim has time I will have her post some pictures of Malachy at the petting zoo for me...and then I will ahve her do my dishes....just kidding!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Been busy...

Sorry, friends I have been busy hugging and kissing little Malachy...and I haven't had time to blog. But I will tomorrow...talk to ya then

Friday, May 27, 2005

my not so new or done office...

So us ROTC people (rest of the church) in production are getting a new cube space in the offices. There are too many of us techies now so they had to re-do our work space to make room. (We're taking over!) We now have smaller work spaces and they are closer together. Which is fine for me because I'm just happy to have a space at all to call my own! However, I'm worried about my co-workers...you see....I like to talk a lot....and putting me that close to eveyone is going to make it challenging for me to get things done and not distract everyone!
It's funny too, we have been told we can move into our space but the cubes are not even done. They are missing lights, drawers, and some are even missing the side caps. Also, there are no chairs and huge orange crates in front of half of them. So moving in would be quite awkward at this point!
I hope they are finished soon. Im looking forward to having a spot to display pictures of Malachy for all the casual passer-byers in the production offices to stop and admire in disbelief that there are babies that cute in the world!

In other News...My brother started a blog yesterday...I'm super excited because he's a lot of fun and I miss him! His blog, confused internet, is linked in the side bar. Warning to all who enter: he's alittle goofy or should I say naughty... and yes he is over 13.

In other other news...wait there is no other news...yes the most exciting thing going on in my life right now is a potiential office move. Thats sad!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Further Instructions....

Do you ever feel like even in a room of over 3000 it's possible God is trying to get your attention?? Last night at church I was soooo there. We were studying Colossians 4:2-6. Subtitled "Further Instructions" in my small, much under used, Bible Ginger gave me for my 18th birthday.

Let your conversation be always full of grace seasoned with salt, so that you know how to answer everyone.

"It's that simple God?" I thought. What the heck have I been wasting my time and energy for?

I had been feeling fustrated the past several days because my mind has been consumed with how to respond to things people have said on other blogs that I felt were false, accusational or insulting. The whole thing was actually a distraction. A distraction from God. A distraction from living a life of joy. A distraction from the work I have to do. God dosen't need me to defend Him from those who are already on His side.

I remember a few years ago a good friend of ours had decided to throw out Bibles other then King James and only study that version. The rest of us jumped on that friend, almost in disgust, with our opinions and intelligent arguments on why we thought they were crazy. The outcome was really hurt feelings and a break down in a community where God had been at work. In those days we were all so young (a few years out of high-school) and we would spend time priding ourselves on how deep and insightful we were, arguing things like predestination. Our pride and the need to be the cleverest one in the room was more important then God's will or Grace.

I don't want to go back to those days. I would rather spend my days extending Grace and Joy. Cherishing ever moment with Malachy and my family. Encouraging and leading to the best of my ability the few people God has entrusted to my ministry. If the cost is my ego, my pride, I'm willing to pay that and continue to wait for further instructions.

Adventures in babysitting

Last night my Dad and Mom babysat so Kim and I could attend New Community. When we got to their house to pick up Malachy, Mom went and got Dad from the bedroom. Dad was justing standing their looking horrified and then all of a sudden he blurts out..."I let Malachy roll of the table on accident, Mom said I had to tell you" and then he just stared at Mark and I. Mark said he wasn't sure if it was a joke at first. After about 15 seconds of akward silence and shock we said the only thing you can in a situation like that..."oh...that's ok"
Mom and Dad then told us that Dad had been changing Malachy's diaper on the kitchen table (don't ask) and he looked away for a second and Malachy rolled off. They swear he didn't bump his head he just bounced off one of the chairs and landed gracefully on the floor. As graceful as a 7 month old baby who can't sit up and has a head twice the weight of his body can land on the floor I suppose....sounds suspicious to me. Mom said she then undressed Malchy and checked him for bruises or sore spots and he responed in giiggles like it was the most fun he has had in months. So I suppose no harm no foul. Lesson learned?.....Well see!
One of the good things that came out of this experiencs is we will be able to truthfully tell Malachy when hes older and acting up that he was droped as a baby. I think we probably all were....me alittle more then most seeing as Dad was one of my primary care givers.
On the note of crazy grandparent babysitting stories...while Mark and I were in Iowa his mother, Donna, told us one of her own. She was babysitting for 3 of my nephews. They were all playing in the back yard with Donna's Dog, when the dog found a hole in the fence and got free. Donna couldn't hop the fence to get the dog herself so she put the 4 year old (the oldest of the newphes) over the fence!!! This was not the brightest idea seeing as they live next to a busy highway and 4 years olds are easily distracted. The 4 year old, thank God, managed to get the dog and find his way around the fence but not before he gave grandma SEVERAL good scares!
So I suppose we all make mistakes...I just hope we all learn from them.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Malachy in his Baby Einstein Saucer

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Apple juice

FYI Malachy had apple juice today for the first time. He liked it a lot.

Baby's favorite pass-times

  1. Drooling on Mama.
  2. Intense stares that make you question your purpose and identity.
  3. Screaming nonesense.
  4. Scooting backwards on the floor.
  5. Systematically putting everything in the house in his mouth.
  6. Seeing how long it takes Mom and Dad to figure out why he is crying.
  7. Trying to be the loudest human in the room.
  8. Flying with Dad.
  9. Watching Baby Einstein.
  10. Pooping.

Monday, May 23, 2005


My super-friend Crystal started a blog. It is very exciting, but I think she may be trying to sabotage me. She posted a picture of me 8 months pregnant in the scorching heat - and I look like crap!

Is this some kind of cruel attack? You be the judge! Visit her blog at this link:

Save the Kittens

crazy days!

My life has been a little nutty lately! Sometimes I feel like I'm responsible for everyone. A job that would fit in quite nicely with my personality. However, I'm geting really burnt out and fighting resentment... not to be a big downer or anything. I'm just worn out. Little 7 month babies are a big enough challenge, even in an otherwise perfect enviornment, so I'm sure these feelings are all normal.
Mom's hopital adventure yesterday was just exhausting! I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend of scrapbooking. It seems like something is always waiting around the corner to keep me on my toes.
Well, Kim is feeding malachy banana baby food and I really don't want to miss it so I must go now.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Under Construction

Hi everybody, welcome to our blog! Please excuse the mess, we're still moving in!