Monday, October 01, 2007


Kim still has my camera but I got some pictures developed from my "real" camera from my birthdat, August 20th. It was a fun day, I felt loved. Jason and Joey made it to the party too but some how I didn't manage to get a picture of them or Frankie!=(
Steph, Noah, and Kimbo
Malachy and Madison are excited to see the cake and help me blow out the candles!

Mmmmm...Madison and Malachy dig in!

Dee, Crystal ,and Mama!
Mom enjoying Mark's cooking!
Emily and Scott
The Birthday girl. =)

Emily and Ross kicking some butt in the bags game.


Steve & Sara said...

So cute Stephie ;) I really like them a lot!!

Crystal said...

Of course I hate my picture but I love the people in it with me! I love all the pictures Steph that was a good party with yummy food and fun drinks!

I love the picture of Emily and Ross how fun!!!