Wednesday, February 20, 2008

3rd post of the day. =)

Crystal sent me this picture and I had to post it. They are so cute. I took some pictures for Gretchen and I hope when those get developed there will be more of the cuties!

Here are some random pictures of my growing belly.


Janett Sue said...

They are sooooo... cute. The new baby may outgrow his accommodations.

Andy said...

Thanks for the pic's Steffo. I'm glad you and Malachy have such nice friends

Crystal said...

SUPER CUTE baby bump!

Steve & Sara said...

Awww, the pictures look so fun and adorable!! I love them, thanks for posting ;0)

I so wish I could have gone to Gretchen's wedding ;( It looks like it was a blast! I love your red dress too!! You're baby bump is adorable, you are the cutest preggo person I have ever seen!!

Lee's doing much better. We had a few rough days where he was horrible, but he's back to his usual self. I went out yesterday for the first time with him. I have been just staying home and hibernating. I can't wait for summer! I'm going stir crazy sitting at home. I miss you guys! I will be coming up there for a week to watch my sisters sometime around March 6th-ish. I will be there from Tuesday till that Sunday. So we will all have to get together and hang out! It will be nice because I will be super close! Saturday, March 8th will probably work for a game night too! YEAH! I can probably have it at my parents house if you want to come there. They don't have many big toys for the kids, but they have some movies. Unless you want it to be at your house, then we can come over there too, that's fine! Let me know what you think!!! Hopefully I will see you guys soon, like I said, I MISS YOU and CRYSTAL and COREY all the KIDDOS ;)!!