Sunday, November 23, 2008

Owen Pants

Owen is nearly 6 months old already! Here are some pics of his latest developments!
Owen is trying very hard to crawl! I think we will be in the next 2 weeks. (but I could be wrong) He gets up on his hands and kness and can scoot forward and backwards.
He has started doing this funny tounge curl thing ALL the time!

The camera was dirty here. =) Sorry! This was his first rice cereal experience. He didn't like it to much but was curious enough to give it a try!
Here Owen is with his Uncle Jason and Uncle Noah. Jason, Noah, and Joey took Mal to see Bolt Saturday. Owen stayed with me but I was sure to get a picture. =)
Here little Owen is sitting! What a big boy. Time flys. =)


Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Lol, I love the picture of him with Jase and Noah. I think you are right about the crawling thing. He's really strong and he seems determined to get moving.

Steve and Sara said...

Awww, seriously how stinkin cute are your boys?!?! I was looking at them and Lee comes over, he goes "baby" and kisses the screen, lol. I love the pictures and I'm so glad Mal had a cool fun date with Jason and Noah!

Andy said...

I'll miss you at Thanksgiving.
Have fun.

Crystal said...

He is so cute Steph, you and Mark make cute kids. I'm excited that Donna gets to see him this week!

Valerie said...

WOW Steph! Your little boy is going to be all grown up before I get to meet him.

Janett Sue said...

I love the picture with the Uncles. He looks bewildered. He is going to be a handful when you get the tree up. OH Boy!