Sunday, April 12, 2009


Easter was great! The week of Easter I got some crafts in with Malachy. I love to craft. I was remembering that when I was a child my Mom always decorated a ton for Christmas. She even had these paper cut outs that were illustrations of the Night Before Christmas. She would tape them up in different places. (Usually the shoe hall) but I loved it! I was recalling that and decided I want my kids to have those kind of memories of the holidays. So even if it's a little hokey my house will be the one with little marks on the wall where the scotch tape took the paint off when I put up the holiday decor. We colored eggs and talked a lot about Jesus. Malachy understood a ton I was impressed. He also had a lot of good questions and thoughts. One being that he hoped the Holy Spirit (which I told him is God in us) has a little couch, TV, and lots of food in us.

I went to Easter service Saturday night. At the Easter service we talked about walls in our lives and that Jesus had overcome the greatest wall in our life (the mortality wall) and how that put all the other walls in perspective. Bill said that all our problems (even though some were quite serious) they all had an expiration date. We were invited to write down what our current wall in life was and place it in a basket and we would receive prayer. Mark and I have a lot going on right now regarding our finances and trying to sell the house and all that. I would have thought that situation would be my obvious wall. But in reality what I wanted prayer for more then anything else was to be a better, more patient, and joyful mother and wife who did right by my kids and hubby. Upon later reflection that gave me a lot of satisfaction because it said to me that I have my priorities straight. It was good to once again reflect on the tremendous sacrifice God made to offer us the free gift of grace! What a joy and a blessing it is to follow Christ. Bill reminded is as Kim did in her Bechnuer quote that when we are Christians we do not have to wait till death to start living in the eternal. Praise be to God!

Then Sunday family came over and we celebrated Easter together at my place. It was perfect...except Mark was at work. Mark now has 2 days off! Yay! All in all a really great weekend!


lauren said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter "season". Maybe next year Noah won't have to work and we'll be able to join y'all!

Andy said...

Nice pictures and nice comments.

Hope i geet to go for walk with you tomorrow

Andy said...

I guess we have to go to Facebook to find good old Steffy

Janett Sue said...

Hve you given up your blog?

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