Saturday, October 07, 2006

alone again....

So Mark is in Texas this weekend for his cousin Joe's wedding. I didn't make the trip with him because for one I'm terrified of flying, plane tickets are exspensive, and it's not so easy to take the weekend off. (I already have 1 and a 1/2 weekends I need off in the not too distant future) I do miss Mark and wish things were simpler and I could have gone. We really like Joe and I'm so happy for him! I'm sure Mark is having a great time! His family is huge, he has tons of cousins and they are all great.

This is Mark and Joe back in the day....not sure when "the day" was =)

Mark gets home late Sunday night so we will still have Monday together...I'm hoping to hit up the Pumpkin Patch!


Mark Stanger said...

Miss you Steph!
Loves and kisses

Sara said...

Hey! Joe was my "partner" in your wedding ;0)

I think he was so grossed out by Nicci and whoever was her "partner" because they were flirting a little bit (do you remember that)? LOL

Anywhoo, I do remember that he was really sweet kid!! Congrats to him!!

Crystal said...

When the heck are we hanging out this week butt munch!!??

PS Sarah is eating just fine! Emily spent the night at my mom's the other night so I had to cat-sit and I saw her trying to eat Obi's food so I directed her over to her Kitten Chow and she wolfed it down. Emily is just an over protective little mommy right now!! It's unfrickin'believably cute!

Janett Sue said...

For One... That was three!

Valerie Sue said...

Hi Steph,
Did you get my e-mail????
I e-mailed you on the 10th of October.
Love, Valerie