Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Production Department Picnic

We had a department staff picnic this weekend and it was so much fun! It was really cool seeing our kids play together! I'm already looking forward to next years picnic! =)


Crystal said...

Steph I love that top picture of you and Malachy you look so pretty!!!

Crystal said...

Hey I'm just thinking about you and missing you! We didn't get to hang out this week!! =(

Sarah is doing GREAT and I didn't realize how cute her little face is!!! HOLY COW!! Obi loves her and is really nice to her. Pippy hates her more than Obi, I think!! Maddie loves her because she lets her hold her. So ya I think Emily picked the right cat and I'm so happy for her.

OK, we need to seriously hang out soon!!

Beef Fritters said...

ummm, yeah, cute kid.