Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I spranged my ankle, which put me in a pissy mood! I went to the Dr. today which was somewhat discouraging because she encouraged me to stay off it for 5 weeks! I was like um, nope! I have a job and a kid so that won't happen. TThen she said well at least until Monday...still won't happen. Thankfully Kim has been super helpful! =) Dad came over to entertain Malachy last night and Crystal came tonight. Mark will be home the next several evennings. I'm so lucky to have such great people in my life to help me out. I just wish, with the whole taking a day or so off work to rest I could actually clean the house or get something productive done. It's like torture with my OCD to just sit in a messy house! Grrrr...Like they say...whatever dosen't kill you...

I'm feeling super hopefull right now because I have been icing, elevating, compressing, and taking advil and it seems like the swelling has gone down to almost none and the pain is pretty manigable. Maybe I will be back to myself sooner then expected! =) Or maybe it is just some killer Advil!


lauren said...

Eh, a sprained ankle isn't the worst thing in the world. Maybe you could get two of those scooter things (you know, a plastic square with wheels bolted to the bottom that they had the kids use on rainy days for indoor gym in elementary school...? -- one for your butt and one for your foot) and scoot around the house so you could keep your foot "up" while still cleaning. Sounds like a rockin' good time, if you ask me.

Ooo... another suggestion to keep that OCD at bay: dope up on a sleep aid and just sleep through the next few days. You won't realize the house is messy if you're sleeping. :o)

Whatever you do, I hope your ankle feels better soon.

Janett Sue said...

It is just Gods way of slowing your life down.

Sara said...

I'm so sorry Steph!! That totally stinks :( I've never sprained anything but I did break my arm when I was little and I know how bad that hurt!!! They say that sprains hurt worse than breaks, so I can't even imagine.... I hope you are doing ok and I'm here if you want to call and complain!! I'm a great listener :D

Hang in there... try to relax as much as you can too!

Crystal said...

As you know I sprained my ankle before and it was a BAD sprain. It didn't heal all the way for about 8 weeks. The first week though is the hardest. It's especially hard chasing after a toddler! Thankfully for me Madison was only 13 months when I sprained my ankle and she wasn't walking yet.

The hardest part is the cleaning the house part or lack of it! But I was at your house my dear and you're keeping it up pretty well!! You're doing a great job chasing the kid and being positive!

I know this post says your pissy but I haven't seen any pissiness in you!! You're rockin'!

Love ya babe, keep up the good work! Just holler if you need me to help with Malachy or house stuff when Mark's at work this week!!