Friday, March 23, 2007

Day off and Poor Kimmy

So I took today off to recover from last week. I was originaly going to take off Wednesday but then I moved it to Thursday because Sandy wanted to take Thursday off and that way we could have our Easter meeting on Wednesday. Well then Mark decided he would go help with a video shoot off site on Thursday which meant I had to get Malachy to Promisetowne and couldn't take Thursday off. So here I am taking Friday off. This morning was a little rough because I had to help Mark get Malachy ready to go and he was unusally sad the poor little guy!

Now I'm trying to figure out what to do about poor little Kimmy! She has been really ill for nearly 2 whole weeks now! Running a fever on and off the whole time and coughing severely. She had hoped to have a job and helth insurance by now but things just have not worked out as planned. Which is probably for the best seeing as she is too sick to work anyways. So we took her to our Doctors on Monday. He said it looked like Bronchitas and perscribed a not so cheap antibiotic. But we figured it is worth it, we gotta get Kim feeling bettter! The Doctor said if she didn't feel better by Wednesday to give him a call. So she called back Thursday morning when it was evident she was not improving at all! We hadn't heard back from them by this morning (Friday) so I gave the office a call and they told me that they had called in a new antibiotic to our local CVS. Well CVS dosen't have it. So I call the Doctors and they swear they called it in... back to CVS they still don't have it... Back to the Doctors office, a nurse will try again when they get another free moment...grrrrr! So here I wait to get a call saying it has been called in. Hoping it won't be super exspensive and maybe this will be the thing to get Kim feeling better! We hear her up all night coughing, and she is as thin as a rail! She has barely left her bed/couch in the past 2 weeks. I'm really concerned!

Anyways as soon as this CVS buisness is settled I hope I have some time to just chill! Although I know I should be paying bills and doing laundry!

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