Sunday, August 05, 2007

I still exsist

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I don't really have a ton to say I suppose. Life has been so busy it is overwhelming and exhausting. Most of that comes from work. I feel in over my head at work. Nothing in particular just a bunch of things. I'm REALLY looking forward to vacation. I just hope we have one! Our original plan kind of fell through so we are now searching for a plan B! Mark is also super busy with work and it feels like a big amount of our at home time is taken up by work e-mails and projects or just plain anxiety over work so that sucks. Malachy really deserves better from us not to mention we deserve better from each other! Sometimes I don't even want to talk to Mark because it feels like work. We are going to have to set better boundaries because this isn't healthy.

Anyways. We did get our deck cleaned that was exciting! We also got the air vents sanitized! Hopefully we can get the carpets cleaned soon! Unfortunately our dryer broke so we are going to have to get a new one and they are freaking expensive! Tomorrow is our only day off together and we need to get to the laundry mat, get the lawn mowed, make a video for Promiseland that will be at least 8 hours, and spend some quality time with Malachy and each other! Luckily Crystal is babysitting so we can go on a date! So that will help! =)

I can't remember the last time I spent at least 30 mins with Kim! It must have been when we helped her move? She is super busy. I hope she can find some time to hang with me soon it would be nice to catch up. =) Mark, Malachy, and I spent last Monday at Uncle Noah and Aunt Laurens and that was super nice! I'm so glad we went. Noah gave Malachy a Dinosaur named REX and Malachy hasn't put him down since he got it! =)

I started a facebook because the Husband really wanted me too! Other then that I don't have any news! I hope we find something fun and relaxing to do for vacation and that Mark, Malachy, and I can relax and connect! So please pray for that as I keep searching! =)


Crystal said...

Love ya!

Andy said...

Yeah, you've been pretty busy. Too busy to notice its jusst ehree weeks till ND kicks off against Georgia Tech. Time for Mally to start practice marching around the living room to the Victory March.

soldiermoses said...

exist...i think. not sure though.