Thursday, August 23, 2007

random Vacation pictures

We had a great time on vacation and I'm really sad it's over. It definitely showed me that we need more family time and more down time where we are not hurrying to the next thing! It was nice to be together. We stayed at a Holiday Inn in Iowa by the Amana Colonies. They had a little water park, playground, and mini gold. It was perfect. Marks Mom and Sister joined us with Malachy's cousins the first night and Malachy loved it! On the way home we stopped at the Iowa Children's museum and it was really great for Mal! Here are some pictures....

Now we are battling the puddles in the basement and preparing to go to work tomorrow. We wish we were out on a date because today is our 4th Anniversary!


Crystal said...

WOW Steph those are such great pictures! It looks like you guys had such a fun time, I'm so jealous! I WANT A VACATION!!! =(

Anyway, I LOVE the picture of Malachy in the tires!!

Janett Sue said...

Crystal said what I was going to. You have been posting some really great pictures Stef. Neil Diamonds 'Gitchy Goomy' is playing as I write this. It is a song that I want to put all those great pictures with. You will remember it when you hear it.