Saturday, December 08, 2007

For Poppo...

Here is Malachy drawing on the wite board with the new software in the New Community Room. (Daddy's meeting room)
Here is Malachy trick or treating.
All of us on Halloween
Malachy with santa. Mal wouldn't smile. He was so doing it on purpose but he was happy to see Santa!
Mal in line to see Santa!


Andy said...

oh, you did post: hooray!You Mark amd Mally are all so attractive, See you tomorrow.

Andy said...

and Mally makes a very cute little chicken.

Janett Sue said...

So busy and you still found time to see Santa. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Jeff says Mally is just absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see you guys!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

(BTW...Jeff and I were watching the rehearsal last night on the internet...How I wish I could be there live! It's going to be spectacular!)