Friday, January 11, 2008

Sorry I have still not posted. I find that I still have nothing nice to say and might get myself in trouble if I start typing for too long. But here is a short post just so Idon't forget how to blog.

Recent Goals:
Be the best Mom and Wife I can be
Get Kim's bridal shower planned
Pack up stuff I don't use before my tummy is too big
Potty train Malachy
Get my house sold

Things I want:
A weekend away with Mark
A stroller that has a place for Malachy to stand on back
A new camera
A laptop
to find out if the baby is a girl or boy

Things I need:
Sleep =)
Yummy food


Anonymous said...

{{{HUGS}}} to you Steph! Jeff knows a wee bit of the craziness that's been happening.....

We're praying for you and Mark....

You a good wife, mother, and friend....hang in there! I KNOW (personally!) how this "stuff" hurts...but I'm sure after a while you'll find the good in it again...there are still good people out there.

Much love to your family!!

Crystal said...

Hey it was SUPER fun hanging out with you today! SERIOUSLY! I can't wait for Kim to see the invitations. Um....let's see....Oh, I'm really sorry about the really insane things going on in your life right now. Personally though I think you are doing amazing! Not a lot of people could face even half of what you're facing with such grace, dignity, and thankfulness. I love you and I'm proud to be your friend.


Janett Sue said...

Hello my sweet little girl. I Love You!

Crystal said...

Hey friend, thanks for hanging out with me yesterday. I'm sorry I'm so tired all the time, I don't know what's wrong with me! I love you like a sister and I love Malachy so much too! I wanted to tell you yesterday that you are such a good mom and I love to watch you with Malachy.

OK, I'm doing school so I better go.

Steve & Sara said...

I just wanted to let you know that even though it might be negative, I still love to read your posts... so blog away!!!

I like how you said "Things I need... Sleep and yummy food". That's hilarious!!