Friday, April 25, 2008

The waiting game

Hi Friends. I keep post poning a blog entry because I'm hoping some sort of plan will come into view and I will actually have something to post. Unfortunately that has not happened at this point. The house is still on the market with not much hope for it selling in the future. So we really have no idea where that will end up. Mark is facing a lot of changes at his job because basiclly his current job at the church will not exist in a month. Mark is thinking and praying about his options right now. We were hoping it would be easy and obvious what he should do but right now like most things in our life it seems to be a struggle to see "the plan". So we are still just rolling with it. Despite the anxitey I feel for not knowing what the future holds, I am thankful for this period in mine and Marks life. I have seen God provide for us again and again. I have seen Mark and I show eachother love and support when we were exhausted and grumpy and could have easily blamed eachother and given up. I have seen Malachy grow as a person and fall in love with being home with Mommy and I know that this time with him before our family expands has been a huge gift to me! So I guess we are still just hanging on waiting to see what the future holds and finding the treasures along the road while we wait.


Andy said...

As Malachy would say "What the Heck". Did Mark have his meeting with the folks at church? Did they say he would or wouldn't have a job? What about The Chapel?

Janett Sue said...

Hi Steff