Friday, May 16, 2008

Interesting week...
well maybe not to normal people but it has been interesting to me. =)

Mark and I are getting the Malibo fixed after over 2 years of it sitting around. We are using our tax rebate thing! It should be done on Monday or Tuesday and we will be excited that it will no longer be a piece of junk in the drive way but an actual functioning car with better gas mileage then the jeep.

Also, a friend and co-worker from church came over and fixed our oven! It hasn't worked in around 3 months or so. I'm really excited it got fixed before Owen makes his arrival and we have house guests and what not. And I was touched that our friend was willing to use some of his day off to do this for us!

Mark went to a Cubs game on Thursday which is a big deal for him as you all know. I was really excited for him and glad he got to go.

Mom and I washed my couch upholstery on Monday and I feel like I'm slowly getting the things I wanted done before the baby is here crossed off the list.

Mark and I spent some time in the yard today after he got home from work. He did the most work of course. =) But we got it cleaned up enough that we don't have to be embarrassed if people come over, or if we end up having a showing.

This weekend Mark and I are doing a major basement clean up. I will be making sure all the baby stuff is washed in baby safe gentle detergent and organizing the baby stuff and Malachy clothes. Mark will be doing the hard scrub down of the floors and such. And we will both tackle the 500 toys we have down there and getting the basement ready for when Marks Mom comes to stay with us after the baby is born.

Monday I'm going to hang out with the girl friends. Thursday is my last doctors appointment before the C-Section!!

Mark is still figuring out the work thing for those of you who were wondering. But he is happy and looking forward to however the situation plays out. He feels at peace with it.

Depending on how I'm feeling and how much we get done he may start his 2 weeks on Monday the 26th. If we are able to get enough done over the next 2 weekends then he may decide to wait until the 29th to start his 2 weeks. Of course this is all up in the air because I'm at that point where I can go into labor any minute. Sometimes I wish I would so I can have my little Owen and start to recover. Other times I hope I won't because the house isn't ready. We will see what happens.

Anyhoo that is probably the extent of my update. Hope all is well with you all. =)


Andy said...

Yay Steffo.

Good post. Very informative. Nice to hear you and Mark are doing so many cood things.
See you at Jason's Sunday. Them maybe we can move the party to the maternity waiting room.

Steve & Sara said...

I'm with Mr. Traynor! I think all parties should be moved to Stephy's maternity ward so we can finally meet Owen. I'm getting impatient and tired of waiting. LOL, because it's been SO rough on me... sorry Stephers, I know you want the whole process to be over with as well and I'm probably not making it any better for you. Take some pictures of Malachy and post them, it's been awhile ;0) He's too cute not to post pictures of!!