Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fun Malachy day!

Saturday was mine and Mark's fun Malachy day! We went to Lords Park to visit the Buffalo, play at the play park, and climb trees! Then we had Subway for lunch, yummy! Next we headed off too Randall Oaks so Malachy could go feed the goats at the petting zoo. He loved that. Every animal was his best friend and his favorite animal. After that we came home for a quick rest. Then we met the Kunze's at the Pizza Pub for a fun dinner and hit up the DQ for dessert. Finaly Mark and Malachy played out side for alittle while with the Scott and the kiddos before we headed home for bed. It was a very full day! I was so glad that Mark and I could give Malachy some fun attention before the baby arrives! Here are some pictures...

Owen and I tried to join in on the tree climbing fun but we just couldn't get up in the tree! =)

I didn't get many pictures at the petting zoo because my batteries died. This is Malachys favorite goat!

Here is one of Malachy being sweet at home.

Here I am as big as a house. We took this a week ago.


Crystal said...

Whoa nelly that's a big belly!! I can't believe the day after tomorrow Owen will finally be here! I'm so excited!

Steve & Sara said...

Awww, I love that you guys had a Malachy day. How fun! I think Malachy is SO super cute and I love all the pictures of him, he's too adorable. I'm glad I can write it without being yelled at that he's "not cute" "he's a cool man". LOL

I think your belly is super cute too... although i can't wait for Owen to get here. Only 2 more days!! Whoo-hoo!!

Crystal said...

Hey I was telling Scott how cute Malachy was at Village and how much I love him....but I thought I should tell you that I just did!

I'm excited to have him this weekend and feel honored that I get to be the one to take care of him!

BTW, Gretchen has Thursday off so I can bring Malachy to see his baby. If I don't have a car I will just take Scott to work in the morning. =)