Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello, Hello, Lovely, Lovely, Smiles, Smiles...

My title was inspired by my Mommo...Alice...she still makes me smile! I remember her little hand written notes she would send. They always included smiles and often told me that I had intelligent eyes and that she had told my father that when I was a little baby and it's still true... AND I brought sunshine! I'm happy now just thinking about her! Yay for Mommo who is in heaven with Poppo the love her life. Can't wait to met the man who captured Mommos heart because she was something else...he must have been special.

Anyways...I didn't start to write this post thinking about Mommo but she popped up into my thoughts leaving my morning a little brighter then it was...thanks Mommo!

Soooo....this new blog template is the handywork of Crystal! She also updated the link to Val's blog! Thanks Crystal!

Things are going ok here. Still getting dizzy spells fairly often....daily! Doctor says I have Vertigo. It might be from my allergies enflaming all things including the tubes in my ears making me dizzy. So I'm taking more allergie and sinus medicine. Mom's having a rough patch with her health too! Been praying for her.

Owen gets cuter with evey passing minute! I adore him. He's such a gemini and reminds me of Noah's personality. When he's in a good mood he's the funnest one in the room and you can't get enough of him and when he's in a bad mood...he's in a BAD mood! Both moods come on easily and switch often. =) Love him to pieces!

Malachy is exhausting! He is full of life and energy and curiosity! He has a wicked sense of humor which I blame poppo for in both the nuture and nature catagories! I'm trying to learn how to let him be himself and celebrate his energy while keeping him under control so I don't go nuts....ahhhh...parenting! He starts dance class with Madison thursday and I'm thankful he will have an outlet for all that energy!

Mark's still working hard. The Chapel job is over but he has some other part time work he is picking up already. It's one of those things that is our blessing and our curse. He's fighting off a cold right now, has a bum knee from a bball injury, and had a filling fall out! Poor Mark!

It was Dad's bday this weekend but we didn't celebrate yet. I was in a bad mood too. Poor Daddy! We will celebrate when we get together with Noah and Lauren in a few weeks.

Haha I just noticed that I have ended nearly every sentence with ! That's so me! Well anyhoo...theres my update!


Valerie said...

Hi Steph, Your blog looks good. Your boys are so cute! I wish I could meet Owen in person. He has more hair than Hanna had at one years old.

Steve & Sara said...

Aww, great updates Stephy!! I end every sentence "!" too! <--- ha, ha.

Ok, I'm not taking slappy happy pills anymore. I love the picture with Malachy's face painted like a web. Where was that done? I also love the deer in head lights picture of Owen with his mo-hawk ;0) He's so stinkin cute!

Sandy said...

I want to buy you a pumpkin spice latte :o)

Crystal said...

Owen's picture is too funny! TOO TOO TOO FUNNY!!!



and for good measure...!

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Your blog is looking swanky. I wanted to be cool like you guys so I followed Crystal's instructions to update my template but I'm not sure I like mine :(

Janett Sue said...

Well those pictures sure put a smile on my face!!!

Crystal said...

Time for a new update!! =)