Friday, October 17, 2008

Poor little Owen

Little Owen burnt his hand yesterday! I was at Crystals and I was talking to her while she did the dishes. I had Owen on my hip and was resting his weight on the counter. We were talking about the yummy dinner she was making in her crock pot that I was standing next too. As it occurred to me that crock pots are hot and I should move Owen he flung his hand out and hit the crock pot. Corey saw it and says he touched it briefly but the damage was done. =( He cried, SCREAMED, for a very long time. 3 of his fingers turned bright red and had huge blisters! I took him to the doctor because when I called the nurse she said I had to take him in and get some antibiotics. Then after the 20 min drive, $25 co-pay, and 1 hour wait the doctor says I don't need a prescription. Just try not to let the blisters pop and keep it clean. Of course last night Owen popped the blisters. Luckily it didn't seem to hurt him but now I have the task of keeping it ubber clean so he doesn't get an infection. Wish me luck!

The doctor recommended band-aides. Crystal and I tried that only to have Owen tear them off with his teeth. So we decided that wasn't such a bright idea. So now I'm cleaning it and putting on neosporin 3 times a day with a mitten over it. Here's hoping that does the trick!


Andy said...

Poor little guy, too young for us to be cosoled with the notion that he learned a valuable lesson - But on the brighter side I love that last photo.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Poor baby!

I'm so sorry that happened! I'm surprised that the Dr. didn't give you some better cream for those burns. Just watch it for infection since the blisters popped.

Miss you!