Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mom and Dad's new apartment

I thought I would post some pictures of Mom and Dads new apartment (mostly for Noah and Lauren) It's a beautiful building right in the middle of historic Elgin! Many of the buildings near them date from around 1880-1900! The building has beautiful stained glass windows and great arches and molding! They are 1 block from a park and about 3-5 blocks from downtown. I'm looking forward to walking around downtown in the summer, Mom and Dad have already found a cute coffee shop! I'm so glad they found a place they enjoy so much! Congrats on the new place Mom and Dad!


Frank said...

Simply GORGEOUS! I love the wood floors and the arch doorways. I also LOVE the bay window. The building is so pretty too. I hope I get to see it in person sometime!

Crystal said...

Oopsie, I was logged in as Frank. I hope I stop doing that soon!