Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanks Giving pictures!

Here our some of our Thanks Giving Day photos!
Kim and Mom prepared our Turkey diner with all the fixings! While Mark, Malachy and Dad watched what ever game they could find on TV. I took pictures and played with Malachy when he got bored of the TV! It was a real fun day! It felt like home to ALL of us, which made it extra special. Mom and I even got to do some scrap booking! Mom was really good at it.
This is our newly painted (and carpeted) living room and dinning room! Thanks giving reminded me of all I'm thankful for! Of course God's amazing grace and goodness was at the top of the list...not to sound all churchy...but God has been soo Good to me this year!
I'm thankful for:
Family and Friends!
Mark and I having jobs we really enjoy
Kim watching Malachy
Our new home
Our new Ipod
Our new computer
Lessons learned
and so much more!


Steph Stanger said...

sorry, my pictures have been uploading wierd lately making my layout ugly!

Lauren said...

nice pics sista-friend. Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Sara said...

I love the pictures! Very cute :) Your house looks beautiful Steph. Thanks for posting and happy belated Thanksgiving!

Crystal said...

Great pics Steph! Your house felt so warm and inviting when I was there, you did a great job decorating.

Malachy is so cute!

Kim Traynor said...

I've been having problems too, try loading them centered or right justified. That seems to help.

Chris said...

Wow, your friends actually visit your blog. Nice!

Yes, Mark (and Steph- Hi!), it's the Chris you think it is. The one your mother loves. Okay, maybe not, but you know it's me.

I'm playing a game right now on my blog called 20 Questions For Chris' Friends. I invite you and your lovely wife to log on and answer the questions I will very shortly craft specifically for you. I'd invite your son, but fine motor skills being what they are at that age and all...

Nice pics, by the way. And I have to ask...The Last Unicorn?

Talk to you soon,