Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Friend Crystal who is almost 30!!! AGHHHHH! =)

Hi favorite Friend! I love you so much! All the biggest moments in my life you have been here for me. Encouraging me and giving me strength! I love you so much. God couldn't have blessed me with a better friend!

Crystal, Scott, and Madison
Crystal and Baby Malachy
Crystal and Emily
The Kunze Family
Me, Mark, Crystal, and Scott


Crystal said...

AWWWwwwwww....Steph thanks SO MUCH for making a whole blog post for little ol' me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you too and feel blessed to have you in my life, my amazing super friend!! I MISS YOU BTW!!


Jeff and Katie are having car touble so we had to cancel our dinner out. I would come over to see you but Scott almost died on Trout Park and even called the police to have them shut down the road.

Ya, I TOTALLY miss you, I really, REALLY wish we could have hung out today. =(

lauren said...

Happy Birthday Crystal!

Oh -- and Steph... the big 3-0 isn't too far off for you either. :)

Janett Sue said...

Don't rush it! But I must say 30 is a great age. I always felt like one is not a real grown up until they reach 30. So you are all just kids to me. Funny thing though even those of you who have reached 30 are still just kids to me.
I am so glad you have such a good friend Stef. Besides family there is nothing better and in some ways a friend trumps family. They choose you. You choose them. One good friend and you can get through anything.

Crystal said...

Ya, I'm pretty cool Steffy listen to your Mum!