Friday, February 02, 2007

Remember when....I don't =)

This first one is of my cute little Parents! I love it because it looks like a prom picture! awwww...aren't they adorable. I think it is from a Christmas party at Dad's work.
This one is from 1914! It is my Great Grandmother Traynor. (Dad's Grandma) and her daughter Dean. (My Big Aunt Dean) It's a speacil picture because Big Aunt Dean gave it to Mom. Big Aunt Dean has always been so loving and inclusive to Mom and us. she is a very geniune person and she is speacil, like Mommo and Mom! Our lives are enriched by knowing her.
I'm not quite sure who this is the back of the picture said July 43. So I'm assumimng it is Bill or Mike. Dad wasn't born yet...right?
This one is Dad, Betsy, and Tim playing outside. Dad is the older boy.

Again, Dad, Betsy, and Tim living it up.

This one is little Dean, Dad, and Tim at the beach! How cute is little Aunt Dean.

This one is John and Mary and possibly Aunt Ann on vacation.

Here is Dad at School. He is second back in the row second from the right....the nuns loved him! I think Malachy and Noah both inherited a lot of their boys will be boys spirit from Dad. Just yesterday I was telling Mark the story of Noah as a toddler climbing under the table to bite Dad's ankles and laughing histaricly! I can so see Malachy doing that!

Here is Dad and a friend. Noah makes this fake smile face too. =)

And finally here is a School portrait of Dad looking like me in jr. high with a buzz cut. Thanks Dad for giving me the boyish good looks! =)


Janett Sue said...

Way to go Stef! Funny thing I just put that picture of Dad and I on my computer yesterday. When I look at it I always think "I was having a bad bangs day" It is growing on me. It is like that picture of me with you Kim and Val. When I see it I only think about how much effort I put into us looking nice only to have it be so hot that day. Even though we had hired someone to come to the house to take pictures that day there isn't one with the boys. The heat really got me that day.I had most likely just got out of the hospital. I do regret not being able to carry on that day. Just because I love that picture with you girls I wish there was one with the boys.

Andy said...


Thanks for posting the pictures. I'm glad you have them.

One thing, the sisters didn't love me. I was always off in the ozone, or misbehaving in some silly way, or trying to hunker down in my desk and escape attention. The note on the back of my report was always "performs far below ability"

I remember an answer I gave on a geography test once. I said the images on Mount Rushmore were formed by erosion. When I was corrected, and learned they were carved there, I thought "Like, what's the big deal?" I preferred the idea that they were created miracously by forces of nature.

Just trying to prepare you for the possibility Mally will "march to a different drummer" when you try to get him educated.

Steph Stanger said...

yea, I was being sarcastic when I said the nuns loveed you. =) You and Noah totally have the same sense of like to misbehave. Luckily you like to misbehave in harmless ways mostly just to ammuse yourselves.

Crystal said...

Cute pics! You totally look like you're dad, in a feminine foxy way!

Anyway, do you want to hang out tomorrow? I'm going to lunch with Katie from 10:30 -1:00ish and then I'm baby-sitting Noah until dinner time. I would love for some company during that time. I know you hang out with Kim and your mom so if you can't that's OK. I just thought I would ask.