Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pictures from the last week or so...

This is our family at Easter! It was great having Noah home and nice to see him and Lauren! Also we got to have Donna, Mark's Mom, with us. Malachy really loved having her and her dog, Shasta, stay here. And so did Mark and I of course! AND Ross joined us for Eater too! So it felt like the whole family was together! What a treat!
This has probably been the busiest week we have had in a long time! Busy in a fun way! Last weekend we went to the Zoo! It was beautiful out and Malachy loved it! The older he gets the more he enjoys these things and it is such a treat for Mark and I to get to see him react to it all. He loved the tiger, lions, and monkeys the best. Later this summer we will have to go back to Brookfield so he can see the Elephants and bears. =)

Thursday, one of our favorite friends Brett came over! Brett has been such a good friend to us. He helped us make our wedding invitations, has helped us move more then once I believe, and helped us do home improvements through the years. It was really good to be able to get together with him and share some frozen Staufers dinners!

Then on Friday night Mark bought a new Lawn Mower to mow the lawn. While Malachy and I got to hang out with Crystal and Madison! Malachy and Madison are so cute together. They have real conversations with each other and are adorable.
Sunday Kim, Crystal, Emily and I got to go to Sara's shower. That was great. It was so strange seeing her pregnant! Sara has been one of my best friends since High School and she just recently moved back here from Vegas. I have not gotten to hang out with her as much as I wanted but I'm hoping that will change soon! It was so good to see her!
Then Sunday we had a BBQ at our house. Our friends the Flieth's came over and gave Malachy their old swing set and brought all the food we could eat! They are so good to us and bless us so much! Sandy, Alan, and Kalvyn came too to help set up the swing set and hang out. Then we flew a kite. The guys were the most into it. I think it turned in to a man vs. nature thing or something!? Later we got in a game of Yahtzee!

Finaly...Monday Mark and I joined the Rec center! It is something we have wanted to do forever and so we just finally did it! The plan is to work out for an hour 3 times a week! I hope we do it. Then Crystal and the kids came over to play with Malachy!
Phew! It has been a busy couple of days but I feel great and I'm glad to be spending time with the people I really care about!


Andy said...

Finally a post, and a really good one, too


Crystal said...

Super cute pics Steffy.

Steve & Sara said...

How fun! It sounds like you had a really super fun weekend ;) The pictures are awesome, I LOVE your swing set too. Mal is just ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to hang out soon and see him!!!

Thanks for posting pics ;)

Love you!

Janett Sue said...

Good post! It was a very long way to the bottom. You know, I have not seen the swing set yet. I feel like I haven't seen much of you lately either. I got a new all-in-one photosmart printer with lots of ink and paper. Your going to love it! You and Crystal will have to come over and we will have a photo blast. I love you! Did I mention, it scans?