Tuesday, May 01, 2007


It took me 10 minutes just to get logged in! Ever since I switched to the new beta blogger it always give me problems...Grrrr!

Anyhoo...I thought I should do my weekly update before bed! =)

This was a good weekend. I feel like we did something important on Friday but I can't remember what it was. Probably going to the rec center. We have gone 5 times now I think and it feels like a big step. It is a lot of work just getting packed up and getting there with Malachy let alone the work out. I hope all the work pays off. It feels good to be doing something proactive about our health!

Saturday we went to a wedding! It was in Indianapolis and we car pooled with our friend Bill from work. The wedding was for Matt and Jamie. It was a fun day despite the lack of fazolis. We can blame Mark for that. It was nice to get to hang out with some of our work friends out side of the building! (and of course the best part was getting to celebrate Matt and Jamie's wedding! Yay for them!)

Malachy spent most of the day with Crystal, whom he adores! Then Saturday night Crystal and Corey bought me some clothes for Malachy! Super cute clothes! I know they are both tight on money and I'm sure had better things they could have spent their money on but they did it just to bless Malachy and I! For no reason at all other then to make us feel loved and bless us! And we do feel very loved it was so nice of them! And Malachy is in style! I will have to get pictures up soon!

Sunday I went to work and then we came home and worked on the yard a bunch...we did a good deal of that on Monday as well. =)

Today we went to the the rec center in the morning. Then Malachy and I went for a super long walk and adventure with Mommo and Poppo! We walked down by the rive boat casino down town. It was beautiful down there! Elgin is looking swanky lately. We got some lunch and Ice Cream on the way! Yummy! Malachy got to see the boat, the trains, ducks, construction workers and many other exciting things along the way. Then I came home and did the house work while Malachy napped. Malachy got up and we played outside with the neighbor kids some. When we came in Malachy and had I some dinner (Mark works tuesday evenings)I Got Malachy bathed and in bed and felt like super Mom!

It would be odd not to mention that we have had some challanges going on in the family this week as well. I have been keeping everything and everyone in my prayers and I have seen a lot of strength in everyone despite some challanges!

Lauren got a great job earlier this month which she starts soon, and her and Noah just got back from helping a friend move. Mom and Dad have been doing a lot of walking and are feeling good about that. =) Kim started her job this Monday! And I have not heard anything bad from my Doctor so I'm assuming I'm ready to start trying for baby 2 again very soon! =) Oh and really good news about Marks Mom! Her surgery last week on her foot went well and it apppears they got all her cancer out and she will not have to have more surgery! She is still struggling with walking from the surgey but time will help heal that! =)

I think that is all our updates! Much love to you all and check out Mama's blog for fun videos of Malachy and Guinness! =)


Crystal said...

Wow things are going so great for you, I'm so happy for you guys! I'm glad you liked the clothes, it made me and Corey even more happy to give them to you!

Love ya and see you tonight!

Andy said...

Hi Steffo,

What a great week! I hope your not going to have a manic crash. Nah, everything's going too well.

Steve & Sara said...

Hey Steffers ;0)

It sounds like you had an awesome weekend... I want a productive weekend like you had! I feel like it's taking me 30 years to get one simple thing done... LOL. How awesome is that you're going to the gym too!

PS - I HATE the new blogger too... it screws me up all the time :( I wish I never switched over.

Janett Sue said...

I didn't have much time on the old blogger so it all seems normal to me.