Thursday, September 06, 2007

random update

So life is going pretty well. A little overwhelming at work because there is just so much to do and not enough time. But for the most part I'm still loving my job and the people I work with so I feel really lucky. The blanket I have wanted at Target for almost 2 years finally went on clearance! So I got it for 50% off and I'm really excited about that. I seriously have checked every week for nearly 2 years so it feels like a huge relief to have it and not to have to check if it is on clearance yet every time I'm in Target! =) Crystal is taking me scrap booking for my b-day tomorrow! =) Then after work Saturday the Kunzes are coming over as well as KC's family. Then after work Sunday we have a family picnic with our department at work. So I'm crazy busy and tired!! But it's all fun stuff. Here are some old pictures because I love to post pictures!


Sandy said...

I'm thinking about you.

Crystal said...


I had the best time last night! Thanks for going with me. I posted my layouts on my blog if you want to check them out. Not like you didn't see them already, el oh el.

Gotta go Mal and Mad are done jumping on my bed and are "soooo hungry" so I've got to do the responsible baby-sitting thing.

Love ya BFF!

Steve & Sara said...

You guys are just a too stinkin cute family. You are all so adorable I want to hug you :) I love Malachys smile. He has the cutest little smile ever ;)