Thursday, September 20, 2007

I bought stuff!

OK so Gymboree had another amazing sale so I finally got the husband to let me buy stuff! I got the Fair Isle sweater I loved and some other stuff! Crystal went with me and after I checked out I was so happy I found myself chucking and smiling! I love Malachy clothes, happy day! =)


Andy said...

If you're still bummin maybe you should give him the sweater today, and he'll say "Oh, Thank You, Mommy. I love you sooo much."

Or maybe not. Little boys aren't always as crazy about snappy sweaters at their mothers are.


Crystal said...

Steph I love everything you got! You got such great pieces at such great prices! Ya done good! Actually last night was a total shopping success ;)!!!

Thanks for hanging out with me last night. I'm sorry I was distracted, I've got a lot on my you know.

Steve & Sara said...

YEAH!! That's awesome Stephie!! Way to go :)

That sweater is adorable!! I'm glad it was still on sale.

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