Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just for fun!

If you are looking for something amazing to get Malachy for his b-day look no further! Gymboree has a sale going on where seweaters that are normally $34 are now $2o for a limited time. The Moose on the loose line and tools like are adorable! Malachy is a 3T in tops. I don't get him pants there because they are cheaper else where... Check it out.

Here are some links for you...
You may have to cut and paste

I can't believe he is almost 3! Yesterday at Target he was telling me all the thing he wants for his birthday. Hes so funny the list include paper plates and garbage bags!


Crystal said...

Steph these are really cute sweaters! Malachy always looks so handsome!

I can't believe our "babies" are turning 3 either it's so crazy! I loved every second of it though even the seconds from today when it was so hard.

I want just one more!!!!

Can't wait to see you and Mal tonight!

Andy said...

Thanks for the pictures Steffo

Janett Sue said...

I'll get him the paper plates!

Steve & Sara said...

This post was hillarious!! I loved that he wanted random things like paper plates. LOL. When Kelly was Mal's age, my parents gave her a Toys-R-US catalog to circle the things she wanted for Christmas. She circled almost the whole book. Along with a breast pump. HA, ha... crazy kids. This just reminded me of that story.

Crystal said...

I love Malachy! When he said to you "I love her" it made me so happy! I'm still smiling about it. I just can't tell you how good that makes me feel. Thanks for sharing him with me.

I'll miss you this weekend!


Andy said...

"I'm not a chicken"