Thursday, July 28, 2005


This is Samuel. Samuel is the kid I sponsor from Compassion International. He lives in Ethiopia with his Mother and 2 other siblings. Samuel loves soccer and attends kindergarten. I would appreciate it if any of you would like to pray for Samuel. I'm hoping the next picture I get of him he will be smiling. I'm sending him some Elmo stickers, that should do the trick!

I thought I would include this link if any of you were interested in checking out the financial break down at Compassion. I have heard more then one person say they don't sponsor a child because they are afraid most of the money would go to overhead and not to the child directly. Compassion is comitted to keeping overhead as low as possible. Another great orginazation is World Vision this link will take you to their financial statement. I think it is something worth investigating!

Im really excited about building a friendship with Samuel and being able to write to him and encourage him directly. It takes a long time for the letters to get back and forth but I will keep you all updated!


Lauren said...

Thanks for the links Steph. I will definitely be loking into these organizations.

Kim Traynor said...

Poor Samuel! Every time I look at that picture I think "what'd they do, keep him up 'til 2 am to take the photo so he'd look suitably grave?" But maybe little Samuel always looks that serious - I suppose poverty could do that to a youngster.