Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Vacation Pics Emily might want to see

Crystal mentioned her and Emily watched Little Women and enjoyed it last week. So I thought Emily might like to see these pictures. They are pictures from Concord Mass. Mainly of Orchard House where Louisa May Alcott (Jo in the movie/book) and her family lived from 1858-1877. The book is fictional but Louisa based all the characters very heavily on her parents and sisters. Some of the things are true-ish. Her and her sisters really did have plays in their home. Her one sister really was an artist. Louisa obviously really does become an author... and things like that. However while viewing the home we learned that Louisa (Jo) never did get married in real life and was quite happy not to. The only reason Jo got married in the book was because all of her young fans wrote in to her editor saying Jo must marry! Her sisters however all married I think (except the one who died). One sister even got married in the house. Louisa (Jo) was an amazing women she served as a nurse in the army and wrote many books for young women.

This first picture is of Nathaniel Hawthorne's house. The blurry people in front are Kim, Mark, and baby. Nathaniel lived next door to the Alcotts for a little while and was friends with Louisa's (Jo's) father. He would go for walks with the girls and talk to them about his love for nature. He was not in the book Little Women but his house gives you an idea of what the neighborhood looked like. (and maybe was her inspiration for the fictional wealthy neighbors home in Little Women) Nathaniel Hawthorne was another famous author from Concord Mass. He wrote The Scarlet Letter and many other books. We also visited his birth place in Salem Mass. while we were there. (and the House of 7 gables)

This one is the side view of Orchard House and Kimmy is out front.

This is the school of Philosophy that Louisa's (Jo's) father built and taught in. It is right in there backyard!

This is a blury postcard I scanned in. It is the front view of the Alcott home (Orchard House) the front was under construction when we visited. It's a beautiful home! Remolded from 2 buildings built before the revolutionary war! So it's OLD! Loisa wrote Little Women here in 1868. She had lived in the home for 10 years at that time.

This was Louisa's (Jo's) youngest sisters bedroom. She was an accomplished artist and would sketch on the walls. She has paintings in many of the rooms in the house.

Ok well those are all my pictures from Old Orchard house. I hope you liked them Emily!


Emily said...

Hello Stephanie, I liked your pictures. And I like what you said. I thought that was interesting about Jo not getting married in real life.

The house in your pictures looked just like the house in the movie.

I like the part in the movie where Meg got pregnant and had a little girl and a little boy.


Crystal said...

Thanks SO much for thinking of Emily!!! That was so sweet and very interesting too.

I signed Emily up so she can leave comments (Frankie didn't want too) and because she wants to leave posts on my blog once in a while. I thought it would be cool for her to do this as a part of school too. She can write papers or stories and share the ones that she wants. Of course she will only be on the computer supervised by Scott or I at all times.

Anyway, thanks again for thinking of my Emily!