Friday, May 26, 2006

Blue Man and such....

This is a random photo ...just to keep ya'll coming back for more!

I had a interesting week at work. I helped "tech" a training event for off site Summit TD's and producers. It was actually really fun to get to talk to TD's from all over the place. One of the perks was we got to go with a little over 200 of these TD's to Blue Man group (and Gino's East) last night. I had been several years ago but it was still amazing to see. I must admit however that they (the blue men) really freak me out! I kept thinking of the guy on arrested development who wanted to be in Blue Man group. That show use to be so hilarious!

This week also included the season finales of Lost, 24, American Idol and even Alias! The Office ended last week but still deserves to be mentioned here. Those were some intense Finales and now I have to wait! I might start watching Invasion this summer to help pass the time.

Tonight Sandy and Alan babysat so Kim, Mark, and I (along with our pal Brett) could go see Mission Impossible 3. Despite my dislike of Tom Cruise I really enjoyed the movie. Apparently Malachy had a great time with Alan and Sandy as well, he didn't even notice we were gone! =)

This weekend we have 3 party's! It's gonna be a busy weekend. I better get some sleep so I'm ready for all the fun that is about to come my way! =)

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