Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Soul Patrol" =)


Andy said...

Hi steffo,

Sorry to be such a bummer. But if you know how bad things are, you'll know how lucky you are. I mean materially you're doing alright, better than a lot of good people, but you have a lot of other good things going on that people who have more material things are apt not to have.

Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed.

Crystal said...

The bald guy should have won, IMHO.

Crystal said...

I watched the last America Idol tonight at Corey's (gotta love DVR!) and we also watch all of the high lights thru out the year. I got say if it couldn't have been the baldy, I am SOOO glad it was the soul patrol!

Oh and we watched part of Cadance tonight where the do the "sound of the men working on the train" song and they shouted out SOUL PATROL. Is there where he got that?

Anyway FUN stuff.

Tomorrow IF we can find a baby-sitter Corey and HenDog are going to take us to see.....dun da da dum........... X3!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right baby!!!!! OH YA!!!!!!! I REALLY HOPE WE GET A SITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!