Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crazy busy weekend

Soooo..as ya'll know Thursday we worked all day and then headed off to Blue Man Group, which was a ton of fun! Friday we got up early and headed back to work. Friday night our friends, Sandy and Alan, babysat. We shared some pizza with them and our friend Brett and then we went to MI3 which I enjoyed more then I expected. So I started my weekend off pretty exhausted.

Saturday Mark and I worked on the house(lawn, dishes....), ran some errands, had my parents swing by, took the kid to the park, got ice creme at Gee and Jays, and then headed off to church. After church we were suppose to go a graduation party for a friend however all the people going with us cancelled last minute, it started raining, and Malachy had yet to eat dinner or take a nap that day...so we headed home instead.

So....Sunday we got up. Did some more basic cleaning and playing with the kid outside. Then we stopped by our friends the Kunzes house for an hour and went to a Memorial Day parade in Dundee. Next we did some shopping at Old Navy and Wal-mart. Finally we headed off to the graduation party. (it was the same one we were suppose to attend Friday night, it was a 2 day deal) We stayed there for a couple hours before we had to leave for another party. On the way to the second party we stopped at the grocery store for Mark to pick up a snack to share at said party. At this point a realized the busy-ness mixed with the heat and alcohol from the previous party had left me pretty exhausted. So after stopping at home where I got Malachy fed and changed the boys headed off without me to party it up with the Gilles for Ian's first birthday. While the boys were away Kim and I ran to Target to pick up things we needed for our Memorial Day BBQ and cleaned the house. Then Kim and I hung out with Mom some because she was having a hard day too. I went to bed exhausted and grumpy!

(Sidenote...While at the Gille's Mark dropped our last remaining working cell phone which happened to be mine in the pool so we are now paying for 2 but have none!)

Monday...we got up and ran to my parents house to talk about our plans for the day. We came home and worked on the yard...getting grill out and tent up...that sort of thing. family came over around 12 we grilled and ate and chased Malachy and Joey around for several hours. Then the boys looked for a window air unit for Mom and Dad. The one they bought didn't work. So we took it back and tried again. While it was being installed at Ma and Pa's Malachy and I entertained ourselves with sticks in the driveway and later my Dad joined us. Eventually...around 8 the Air conditioner was installed and working. So Dad and I went and got us all some Wendys to eat. After Malachy fell off a chair doing the belly dance we called it quits and headed for home. We got home around 9:45 to discover the power was out. The sun was down and there were no matches in sight! After a exhausting search in the dark Mark ran to the gas station to get matches while Malachy walked around the house crying,"light, light!!!" We were finally able to calm him down at 11! (2 hours after his bedtime) using my battery powered laptop to play a Baby Einstein video. Power came on at 3 am after Mark and I were fully drenched in our own sweat!

Today... we got up and went to the Little Gym with Malachy. No matter how tired we are if Mark paid for it we have to go! Then we headed home let Malachy nap (a little). Mom lent Mark and I some MORE money so we didn't bounce checks! After hitting the bank Kim, Malachy, Mom and I were off for a fun but exhausting 7 hour shopping trip! We were searching for a bathing suit for Mom...we never found one... but did manage to find some other goodies! WE got home around 7 and played with Kid and put him to bed.

It's now 9:30, the kitchen has not yet recovered from our Memorial day fun, I haven't touched the laundry all weekend, you can't walk through me bedroom with out tripping on something and Kim is wondering why I'm grumpy! I have a full week ahead of me at work with a 12 hour day on Thursday and I feel ready to pass out! Grrrrrrr... I think I'm going to get some ice creme and hide from the mess in my bed!

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Crystal said...

Sorry about your bad times Steph. I know it is mostly because you haven't seen me in so long and it's making you extra grumpy. Soon though, soon!

Anyway I really do hope you feel better soon and things start to feel less busy.

I totally relate to the bedroom and laundry stuff. I can keep the rest of my house so clean but the bedroom and laundry just sucks me in and overwhelms me. I did just clean my room though, just a little bit.