Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Nothing much to say I guess...just the same as all the rest

So I haven't updated lately because there hasn't been much to say and I know people are sick of all my whining! I did some laundry today...A small victory! I have been reading the DaVini Code and that has been interesting and annoying at the same time. Malachy has been cute and challenging. He has become extremely will-full lately but he's also more independent which is fun too! We went to Lord's Park today and he really liked the Buffalo. We also went to The Little Gym this morning which Malachy loves! I think we are going to take a break from it during the summer to save some cash! Malachy has really enjoyed it and learned a lot there it was well worth the money and hopefully come the fall we will be able to pick it up again. It has helped Malachy learn to play with others, follow direction, build motor skills nad just have fun!

Mark and I are hardcore broke which puts both of us in a bad mood. Not that it's a super big deal or anything but I was hoping to do something fun for Mothers Day and now I know there isn't even money for a simple card. Maybe Mark will help Malachy make one for me and we can have a picnic at the park, that would be nice too. Those are the memories that you look back on when your old and like the best anyways.

This whole owning a house thing is challenging and scary! The dryer has been charring our clothes! The basement is leaking and seems to have some mold growth. The shingles on the roof our peeling. Our water heater and furnace our outliving their life expectantly and we have no idea how to take care of the yard and the peeling deck! I'm sure it will be one of those things that makes us stronger and were thankful for in the future it's just scary now!

Also... No one has heard form Noah in like a week! I think that adds to everyone's stress level. I hope he updates his blog soon! We are all thinking about him. I avoid "war"news but I did hear about the Helicopter Crash that killed 10 men from his base, Ft. Drum. That is always heart breaking! I can't imagine what those families are going through they are in my prayers. The word on the street is Noah may come home for 2 weeks in August! I pray that all works out for both Noah and Lauren! (and of course all of us Traynors who would love to give Noah a big hug!) Noah if you happen to see this...update your darn blog and call your wife! I know things are out of his control as far as having time to call people and get on the internet goes. He's at the mercy of the military powers that be. I just hope we hear from him soon.

We are trying to plan a summer vacation to the beach in MI...I hope it works out. Mom, Dad, Kim, Mark, Malachy and I are looking at renting a 3 bedroom "cottage" near the beach this summer. I know that we all deserve a fun stressfree break! We have such good memories from our childhood at lake Michigan. Dad went there as a child too so it feels like a family tradition and it would be special to take Malachy there and make it a 3 generation tradition! Hopefully Mark and I will get things on track with the $$'s before they are all booked up! =)

I watched the Bird Flu movie on ABC tonight...that was a mistake. Anyone who knows me know I struggle with anxiety. One of the reasons I have been hesitating on having baby # 2 is I'm scared we will get the Bird Flu. I'm trying to convince myself that I can't live my life on what ifs! Gilmore Girls was pretty depressing too! Sheeshhh! Ok I will end on a good note...We get a free lunch at work tomorrow so that's exciting...you can't beat free food to make me happy! =)

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Lauren said...

You need to stop worrying so much! In terms of Noah, just pray for him and trust that God is going to keep him safe. For everything else, pray and know that God will take care of you.
Try not to worry about things there is nothing you can do about.

Go read Matthew, ch. 6. Isn't that where there's a lot of discussion on worry? I could be wrong.