Sunday, August 20, 2006

Best Birthday EVER.....minus Mark

ahhhh...Man! I had a huge post written out and then it got erased!

Sooo...I said I had a super fabulous birthday! We had a big party at my house because Noah is home! We were all in such a good mood because we are so stinking excited to have him home! I have the best family and I love them all so much! How in the world did we get so lucky! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Also... I was totally spoiled with presents and I feel sooo loved! Mark is finaly home and went to get me some Wendys and a movie so we can finish the day off right! Thanks everyone for making my day extra special!

My original post was much longer then this and included all the details about my fabulous presents, family, and friends! But now I don't have time because I have to go eat wendys and watch movies with the husband!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steffie for having us all over for such a lovely day. You, Kim, Malachy, and Guiness were gracious and made everything nice. And you're right, spending the time with Noah and Lauren was especially nice.


Crystal said...

Hey Steph I'm so happy you had such a great and perfect day minus the Mark. But now he's there and now it's all perfect.

Sorry your post got erased that happend to me to with yours too and I was so annoyed.

I can't wait to see all of your stamp stuff. I'm so glad you got spoiled you deserve it I just wish I could have spent the day with you too! Oh well there's always next year!

Love yas! =)

thekooiet said...

Happy Birthday Steph! Sorry it's a day late :(....I was going crazy yesterday b/c we had a suprize 50th birthday party for my ma.

I so glad you had a wonderful birthday! What movies did you watch??

Crystal said...

Hey thanks for having me over today. It cheered me up (I was a bit grumpy after dropping off Georgie because I was hot and just felt yucky and tired. How lame is that?) ANYWAY, Mark was so cute with Madison and Malachy he's a good daddy (and you my friend are an AWESOME mommy you work soooo hard!!!). =o)

tessers said...

Happy Birthday!!! (a little late) I'm glad you had a great day. Give Mark and Malachy a hug and hello from us.

Would love to hear about your presents and details of the party.

Take care,


Janett Sue said...

GREAT DAY! Yes it was. We are going to have great days at the beach also!

lauren and noah said...


Crystal said...

o ya me too happy anniversary steph and mark.