Saturday, August 12, 2006

pulling out my hair

So it's like 3:46 am and Malachy is up screaming! He has decided he dosen't want to sleep unless I'm laying next to him holding him. (it took me over an hour to get him to bed in the first place!) WEll obviously I can't sleep with him in his toddler bed all night every night. So when he woke up again at 3am I tucked him in gave him kisses , laid with him for a minute and said I love you good night. Now it's 4:15 and he is still screaming. Screaming, Crying, hyper-ventilating and nearly throwing up. It's so horrible. On top of that I had a horrible evenning at home and I was already feeling pushed beyond th capapcity of what could handle. Of course Mark is just sleeping and when the screams get loud enough to wake him up momentairly he just gets up long enough to tell me what I'm doing wrong before he returns to his sleep. Grrrrr....


Andy said...


Next time, get up and take a pillow and blanket into the living room and get comfortable (as comfortable as possible under the circumstances)on the couch. Then when Mark comes looking for you tell him you're OK, but as long as he's up he could check on Mally.

I'm kinda a big deal said...

Good call Mr. T.
Also, when Mark tells you what you're doing wrong, counter him with what HE's doing wrong: not helping you with Mally.
Want me to slug him?

Crystal said...

(((Steph))) I'm sorry I know how this is and it's not fun and it's really hard and sad to have to listen to your little baby cry like that. You're such a good mom though and it shows. =) I hear your frustration though. I'm sure that Mark was equally frustrated and that maybe he just came out to tell you those things because he didn't know what to do either. I know that when Scott can't fix something it's really hard for him and he acts mad at me or wants to blame me. But the truth is he just wants to help and doesn't know how and he is mad at himself. I think Mark waking up shows that he at least cared so give him some points for that. =) But I totally understand your frustration.

Love you!!! ((cheesy cyber hug))

Scott said...

Wow, lots of Mark bashing.

How sad.

Valerie said...

Hi Steph,
How are you. I can totally relate to your frustrations. Beleive me with a 7 year old and a 5 year old of my own and with 10 kids in the house Monday-Friday. Eventually you get to the point where you just block it all out. It's okay for that little one to cry. Nobody is hurting him and sometimes their's just nothing you can do. Go somewhere in the house where you can't here him as well. Or put him in a room with the door closed a little bit further away from you. Turn on your radio to block out the sound and go back to bed. You'll feel much better in the morning well rested and your little one will be just fine. Don't blame Mark he needs his sleep too. You have to do what Mark does and stay in bed too. Ignore it, turn on the radio. Mally will eventually cry himself back to sleep.

Valerie said...

I can't believe how big Malachy is now. Wow