Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sometimes Christians piss me off!

Luckily I did not have to "work" the Leadership Conference which allowed me the luxury of attending. I think one of the most powerful moments of the conference was the honesty and boldness of Bono in his interview with Bill Hybels. Bono said that AFTER spreading the gospel "The main thrust of the Scriptures is to meet Christ in working with the poor." He supports this claim with scripture. Some obnoxious judgmental Christians who did not even hear the interview go and take everything he said out of context and have them selves a little Bono bashing party. (Apparently this blog is not only about Bono bashing but will gladly bash Bill Hybels as well if the opportunity arises) I just don't understand things like that! The work Bono is doing is good! (And don't even get me started on the work Willow and Hybels are doing) So what is peoples problems and their behavior only justifies Bono's earlier qualms with the church and causes me to feel more distant from it. What ever happened to love!? This is the web site I'm referring too...I know there are a good number of other people out there who enjoy Bono bashing (Bill bashing as well for that matter) so here is a link so you can jump on the band wagon.... http://www.sliceoflaodicea.com/archives/2006/08/rock_star_bono.php
BTW...I'm not referring to my BFF's who don't like Bono for what ever reasons they may have. I'm referring to Christian who spend more time bad talking Bono then they do trying to understand or even find out if what they are responding to is true!

Here are some of my favorite Bono quotes from the interview

-"I never had a problem with Christ, but Christians were difficult for me...they seem strange to me, and I know that I seem strange to them...they tend to judge people by surface problems...I grew very suspicious of Christians, but I was determined to learn more about the life of Christ."

-"I've always thought smack in the middle of a tension is a good place to be."

-"A lot of gospel music for me is lies, because it's people pretending that life is great...I'm more into the blues...I want my music to do something positive, but I want to be honest and own up to my earthly confusions."

- Bono talked about how ridiculous celebrity is and how it is opposite of the gospel why should he be more important then a fire fighter or a mother but as long as he has it he's not going to waste it..."Celebrity is currency--I'm going to spend mine."

-He said that people often say things to him like ,"you have a heart for the poor." and his response to that is "I am not Mother Teresa, I'm a rock star....but I have a head for the world's poor. I am strategic."

-"The church has historically been behind the curve...I think it's because the church is afraid of politics and I understand because all kinds of people have tried to use the church...but we're not about politics... " Here he was talking about the work the One Campaign is doing...He called on Christians to join in on the fight..."Your charity is important but your commitment to justice is what we really need...You'll be marching with a lot of colorful people, but just chill out."

-"Love thy neighbor is not advice. It's a command.... In a global community, the poor and the disadvantaged in Africa are our neighbors. He quoted Matthew 25:45: "Whatever you do for the least of my people that you do onto me."

- He talked about how the Lord's Prayer says,"your kingdom come your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven" and how that was his favorite part because he believes that it is literal..."Our purpose is to bring Heaven to Earth. The world is not a happy place for most people living on it. "He went on to say, "Let's walk together. Let's put on the marching boots if needed. Let's stand up for the least of these. ..This isn't a duty. It's an opportunity and an adventure."

I found this quote at this blog. It resonated with the way I'm feeling right now.
We need to remember the wise and rough words of Martin Luther, concerning the church. "She is a whore, but she is still my mother." We do not love the church because she is perfect or pure. We do not love our neighbors because they are perfect or pure. We love our neighbors because God tells us to. We love our neighbors because God has shown us love. We love our neighbors because God empowers us to do so.


Steph Stanger said...

apparently people at the blog I mentioned that disturbed me so much hate, Andy Stanely, Rick Warren, Rob Bell, and Billy Graham as well! At least we are in good company! =)

It appears their "ministry" is to tear down the church.

Kim Traynor said...

Hi Steph, I avoid Slice, they're more 'n a little bonkers over there - "don't let the bastards grind you down." ;)

Love the quotes, btw. I remember the one as "in the middle of a contradiction", not "tension", but I might be wrong.

I also like this one:
"Have 'a peace that surpasses understanding' in your heart. But don't be at peace with the world. The world is malleable. Let's wrest it from the hands of fools."

Andy said...


It's just the old faith vs works thing. (and the unfortunate need for some to excotiate others to reassure themselves that they are the real true believers)
I posted a quote from Malcolm Muggeridge last night:"If the greatest of all, Incarnate God, chooses to be the servant of all, who would wish to be the master?"
The call to service is an essential component of Christianity.

Scott said...

Well to be fair tearing down other parts of the church is not specific to the anti-Bono crowd. Bono himself has spent a significant amount of time blasting members of the church who feel led to serve in other areas besides philanthropy. And Wallis wrote a whole book on why Evangelicals are all wrong.

So if critical thought = not love then I think all parties involved are quite guilty. Fortunately that's not the case.

I would agree with you whole heartedly on your call for civility though. I admit guilt and know that I tend to get a bit childish when it comes to talking about Bono, or "the Bono" as I've come to affectionately know him as. I'm sure, if only in part, this post is directed to the comment I made on Sarah's blog.

I think a lot of that comes as reaction to the Bono fandom though, rather than Bono's ideas. Part of the problem from my perspective is that's it's difficult to have an intelligent conversation about the man because those who agree with what he is doing are so convinced that he is a prophet of God that any suggestion that he may not be going about the process of helping Africa the right way is instantly assaulted with charges of being "unloving" or "unchristian."

Nice post though. Good topic.

Steph Stanger said...

Scott, Thanks for you opinion. I sent Crystal in e-mail last night and I probably should have copied you in! In my e-mail I wanted to make sure the both of you know that this post was NOT directed at you! I read your comments on Sarah's blog and was NOT offended by them I playfully left my own comment. It did however get me thinking about why I appreciate Bono so I googled Bono quotes from Summit to put up on my blog and that is when I came across the blog that made me so angry. Apparently Kim has been to this Blog before and they regularly bash churchs like Willow Creek and when she tried to leave comments stating another view then their own her comments were deleted. So that is what my post was directed at and not at you! Furthermore I would justlike to add that I don't know anyone who would call Bono a prophet from God ...at least not in the literal sense. And I'm positive Bono does NOT view himself in that way and would be offended by the suggestion. Like he said he's not Mothr Teresa he is a rock star.

Scott said...

Oh sure he's been called a prophet. Doesn't matter if it's in the literal sense or not. It implies the same thing, that he is doing God's work.

Inter-Church bashing has become some what of an industry, with authors like Brian D. McLaren writing book after book about just how far off every one else is. And just look at the countless Emergent vs. Evangelical vs. Progressive Christian blogs there are. Every little sect is guilty. "You know what I really hate about Christians?" is practically the most popular thing for Christians to say now-a-days.

Kristin said...

Hi Steph,
I didn't read every comment on the "Bono/Hybels/Warren...etc. bashing" site. I read enough to make me irritated so I tried to leave a comment. We'll see if they put it up.
By the way, I read your blog all the time. Sorry I've never commented. I just never really had anything important to say.
I hope you are doing well. I never see you at church anymore. Oh well.

Andy said...

I think I meant excoriate

tory dolan said...

hey... thanks for your comment on my blog... what blog did you go to that linked Brandon's?