Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Inquiring minds want to know...

Well make a long story short Mark's doctor did not find the kidney stone. Boo! It is possible Mark had already passed it and it is possible it is hiding. The doctor will do x-rays in a few weeks to try and determine what happened.

To make a long story short the Doctor said no to the D.R. He really did everything he could to help make it a possibility but Mark is just in too much pain. The pain is really only when Mark urinates but the Doctor was like how are you going to avoid that!!? Especially in the D.R. where it is hot and humid, the doctor dosen't want Mark to get dehydrated trying to avoid urinating. So Mark is obviously disapointed but he is dealing with it, poor little guy.

The pain mostly comes from the stent which will need to be removed in a week or 2. The stent runs from the bladder to the kidney and is put in to avoid narrowing of the ureter. This will help stones pass and prevent scar tissue from closing the passage. However it hurts like a mother. It causes urine to back into the kidney and that hurts!

Poor Mark. I'm sure he will have more opportunitys for mission trips in the future but he is obviously disapointed. Thanks for your prayers!


Andy said...

Too Bad Mark,

Happy Mother's Day, Steffo

Crystal said...

You're so cute Steph! Great photoshop skills!

Janett Sue said...