Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Kid for sale...

Mark goes to get his stent out on Thursday. Which is good news because it has become increasingly painful for him. He is actually in more pain npw and able to do much less then the first week after they put it in!? So we are looking forward to having it out and getting on with things.

The procedure is only like 20 minutes or so but it still ends up being a long day because he still has to go under general anesthisa and all that. That makes pre-op take a while and then in recovery they want to see you eat and go potty and all that good stuff. So I'm guessing it will be like a 6-8 hour day.

Mark would like me to go with him so I can hear what the doctor says. The doctors always come and talk to you when you are way to drugged up to remember any of it. Mark would also perfer me there because even though it is unlikely there is always a chance something can go wrong when they put you under. I would like to go with him because it seems wrong for him to have to be there alone! Also I want to hear what the Doctor says too!

However, I really have no one to watch Malachy at this point. With Kim working I have had to rely on Crystal a lot more and I don't feel like I can ask her again. Mom and Dad haven't been feeling up to spending that kind of time with Malachy either. So I'm not really sure what to do.
If anyone knows of some reliable babysitters that I can look into for this Thursday please let me know.



Crystal said...

WHAT!?!?! Give me that kid are you crazy!!!! Of course I'll watch him! There is NO WAY you aren't going with Mark so send him over, when do you need me??? The only day I see a problem with is Monday night because I have MM. We missed it this week and can't miss it again.

Crystal said...

OH I just saw it was Thursday, I'm totally free!! I can take him anytime and all day and evening! I told you Madison was asking for him to come over!

Crystal said...

9:30 is great! Pack his bathing suit because Corey got the kids a pool!! YEE HAW! I just checked the weather and it's suppose to be 85 on Thursday, PERFECT! I know that I get tired a lot from baby-sitting (not just Malachy but my own kids) but it's sooo worth it! I totally don't mind watching Malachy and I think he really likes me! He lets me hug him and hold him and when he misses you he will let me comfort him where when he was a baby he didn't let me do that. I'm really rather attached to him and I love Madison and him together they are so funny. Madison said again at dinner that she wants Malachy to come over!!! I think it will be a very fun day on Thursday and that I will sleep really good that night when the day is over!

I'm glad I can help out so you can be with your husband where you should be!


Oh and thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog it felt lonely over there. =(

Noah said...

That is nice of crystal, but in a pinch you can ask mark to man up so you can watch the offspring. BOOYAH!