Monday, May 07, 2007


WoW ! I'm sterssed! Kinda freaking out stressed. And in all the stress Mark and I totally forgot he had a side job this morning which sucks! Because we REALLY needed the money and it makes him look really bad to the company that hired him and we feel horrible it sucks all around, poor Mark!

Mark has kidney stone attacks for several months now and the Doctor implied it would be better to remove them before he leaves for the Dominican Republic on Thursday. The soonest he could get in for surgery was Tuesday so he will have the procedure done on Tuesday and we will hope to God there are no complications and he will feel well enough to fly to the Dominican for a week long serving trip on Thursday.

The procedure is called Ureteroscopic Stone Removal and is performed by inserting a catheter and retrieving the stone using a basket type deal. Which will obviously cause discomfort but the part that has me more concerned is that they leave a stent in to make sure the scar tissue dosen't close of any pathways. The stent is really confusing, someone told us that they have it tethered to a string and they remove it a week later. I also read somewhere they leave it in for several weeks. Appparently it is super uncomfortable. We also read that many people require 3-5 days of rest after the procedure and Mark will be in the Dominican within 3 days. I'm so worried about him but I'm also trying to be supportive because he wants to go. I'm just really scared for him.

After all of this I have to figure out how Malachy and I are going to do 5 days without him now that Kim is working. Crystal will be out of town most of the time Mark is gone as well. I don't know how I'm getting to work or will watch Malachy on the weekend or anything. But I will start dealing with that after tomorrow.

Please pray for Mark!


Andy said...

Hi Steffie,

As Malachy would say, "Scary."

See you in the morning.

Crystal said...

Praying for Markie pooh! Hey Malachy is doing great and having loads of fun! He was just jumping on my bed singing the ABC's to me!!! WOW!

Crystal said...

I'm glad I could help out Steph. I love little Malachy and I tell him I do all day long too! I think he thinks I'm insane, haha! Anyway, even though Madison makes him "mad to me" they still are super cute and totally love each other. When Madison woke up all she wanted to see what Malachy and she was SUPER SUPER sad he wasn't here and she didn't believe he was gone. It was sad actually. =(

I hope we can hang out for fun too very soon!

How's poor Mark???????????????? Is there anything else I can do for you guys? Can I offer to take the little guy again after Mark's gets home so you can go on a date?