Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Super Weekend!

I had a great weekend with Malachy!

Sunday after church..we went to the Memorial day parade. Malachy didn't seem super excited but he did seem very curious. I think he liked the Marching band and the Grey hounds the best! It felt good to be able to show gratitude to the Veterans in the parade. Now that Noah is in the military I have a whole new respect for what those men and their families gave up. I thought of some of the boys that graduated AIT with Noah and were over seas with-in a week! I feel so lucky Noah hasn't had to go yet... I obviously wish he didn't have to go at all. But I'm proud of him, I understand someone has to go and if it's not Noah it would be some other young man. I think regardless of our beliefs on war we can all agree that these men make a huge sacrafice for us and we are forever in debt to them. Thank you to Noah, Joel, Srikant and all the other men in the military who serve us every day!

Then on Monday Mark and I tool Malachy to the Petting Zoo at Randal Oaks Park! That was super fun! I love introducing Malachy to knew things and watching how he reacts. (I didn't let Malachy touch the animals because I'm still a paranoid mother) He liked the goats and the sheep a lot. But it wasn't until we left the petting zoo part and started walking around the park that he really got excited. (He still likes people the best) There was a guy bouncing a soccer ball on his knee and Malachy thought it was hilarious he kept laughing at him it was really cute! Then we put him in the swing and of course he loved it. (thats his favorite thing!) Later we went to the Kunzes for a BBQ where the imfamous pogo competion was held. Check out Scotts blog for further info on that. Kim and I went to see Kicking and Screaming late last night and it was pretty funny!

Todays been NUTTY and not so fun yet! Mark and I spent an hour at Jewel spending more money then we have on grocceries we probably won't eat. Then I spent an hour and a half trying to make room in our tiny apartment kitchen for all the food. After that I fed and played with Malachy for a while and then put him down for a nap... thats where he is now...thank God! The saddest thing is I realized to late I missed my orientation at church! I feel horrible about it! So I'm guessing this will be another week with no scrapbooking. The house is still a mess and I just want to relax on my day off not spend the rest of the day cleaning! Oh well, it was a fun weekend!

Im hoping my cube will be finished this week! When Kim has time I will have her post some pictures of Malachy at the petting zoo for me...and then I will ahve her do my dishes....just kidding!


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