Friday, May 27, 2005

my not so new or done office...

So us ROTC people (rest of the church) in production are getting a new cube space in the offices. There are too many of us techies now so they had to re-do our work space to make room. (We're taking over!) We now have smaller work spaces and they are closer together. Which is fine for me because I'm just happy to have a space at all to call my own! However, I'm worried about my see....I like to talk a lot....and putting me that close to eveyone is going to make it challenging for me to get things done and not distract everyone!
It's funny too, we have been told we can move into our space but the cubes are not even done. They are missing lights, drawers, and some are even missing the side caps. Also, there are no chairs and huge orange crates in front of half of them. So moving in would be quite awkward at this point!
I hope they are finished soon. Im looking forward to having a spot to display pictures of Malachy for all the casual passer-byers in the production offices to stop and admire in disbelief that there are babies that cute in the world!

In other News...My brother started a blog yesterday...I'm super excited because he's a lot of fun and I miss him! His blog, confused internet, is linked in the side bar. Warning to all who enter: he's alittle goofy or should I say naughty... and yes he is over 13.

In other other news...wait there is no other news...yes the most exciting thing going on in my life right now is a potiential office move. Thats sad!


Crystal said...

Hey Steffers,

Malachy is so cute it's true. He just keeps getting cuter. He has the most beautiful eyes. Apart from my kids of coarse. I miss him.

Scott started a blog, check it out. Tomato is the name and is the address.


Crystal said...

What happen to Mark's blog?????

Kim Traynor said...

get blogging!