Thursday, May 26, 2005

Adventures in babysitting

Last night my Dad and Mom babysat so Kim and I could attend New Community. When we got to their house to pick up Malachy, Mom went and got Dad from the bedroom. Dad was justing standing their looking horrified and then all of a sudden he blurts out..."I let Malachy roll of the table on accident, Mom said I had to tell you" and then he just stared at Mark and I. Mark said he wasn't sure if it was a joke at first. After about 15 seconds of akward silence and shock we said the only thing you can in a situation like that..."oh...that's ok"
Mom and Dad then told us that Dad had been changing Malachy's diaper on the kitchen table (don't ask) and he looked away for a second and Malachy rolled off. They swear he didn't bump his head he just bounced off one of the chairs and landed gracefully on the floor. As graceful as a 7 month old baby who can't sit up and has a head twice the weight of his body can land on the floor I suppose....sounds suspicious to me. Mom said she then undressed Malchy and checked him for bruises or sore spots and he responed in giiggles like it was the most fun he has had in months. So I suppose no harm no foul. Lesson learned?.....Well see!
One of the good things that came out of this experiencs is we will be able to truthfully tell Malachy when hes older and acting up that he was droped as a baby. I think we probably all alittle more then most seeing as Dad was one of my primary care givers.
On the note of crazy grandparent babysitting stories...while Mark and I were in Iowa his mother, Donna, told us one of her own. She was babysitting for 3 of my nephews. They were all playing in the back yard with Donna's Dog, when the dog found a hole in the fence and got free. Donna couldn't hop the fence to get the dog herself so she put the 4 year old (the oldest of the newphes) over the fence!!! This was not the brightest idea seeing as they live next to a busy highway and 4 years olds are easily distracted. The 4 year old, thank God, managed to get the dog and find his way around the fence but not before he gave grandma SEVERAL good scares!
So I suppose we all make mistakes...I just hope we all learn from them.

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Giggling isn't always a good sign.